Real Madrid have completed this season a historic milestone in the Champions League that, far from celebrating it, because it is not a reason to celebrate in a club as big as white, if serves to reflect the good state in the European Cup the best competition in the world. Madrid reached this course eight consecutive years reaching the semifinals of Champions.

This permanent state of competitiveness may have made many fans, especially the youngest ones, have already forgotten that before these eight years the Madrid had the same time without stepping on this round crawling across the continent in its saddest period of the last decades. Since 2010, when José Mourinho arrived and cut the streak, the whites are always among the four best teams in the world, but never came there before . Those debacles began in 2004, in one of the most bitter days of Real Madrid in the Champions League. It was in Monaco

In the Principality team he played Fernando Morientes who had stopped there in the form of a transfer by Real Madrid, which did not count on him. The Extremaduran forward, European champion with the Spanish team three times, played that quarter-final and scored a goal (which he celebrated) in the victory of Monaco 3-1 which went around 4- 2 of the way in the Bernabéu. That head of Morientes was left for the story, since a loan sent to the street to Real Madrid.

Thus eliminated the Monaco of Morientes to Real Madrid in 2004

Now, 14 years later, Zidane's team, which played that game, faces an identical situation . The loan is neither Spanish nor forward, but it has the face of it. James Rodríguez is ahead of the European future of Real Madrid with l a threat to dynamite the Thirteenth a and remember old ghosts. The tie against Bayern Munich starts on Wednesday

James, the player who shined in the 2014 World Cup, which is why Real Madrid spent 80 million euros on it recovering the illusion in a Bayern from Munich who arrived on loan last summer. It was the only way for the Colombian player to leave the Bernabéu in search of minutes and with the aim of not stopping his progression. Before he never got to enter the (fixed) plans of Zidane which gave the ok to the operation. An assignment for two years until 2019, in which the German group pays his salary and a small annual amount to Madrid and a unilateral repurchase option was kept for 35 million euros

James Rodriguez greets Heynckes in a Bayern match.


The comparison with Morientes is obligatory. Unlike Álvaro Morata, who came to Juventus signed and not 'borrowed', James is on loan, but UEFA does not allow the so-called 'fear clause' that in Spain most teams put and which is based on the prohibition imposed by a club that the losing player can not play against them.

James, holder in the most important games of the season, has rejuvenated in Munich and not with Ancelotti, the technician who asked for him and with the one who best understood himself in Madrid, but with Heynckes, who found a gap between the incombustible Ribery and Robben and in perfect connection with Müller and Lewandowski . The Colombian claimed in several sections of the season, his technician says that “is a great player” that “normally has to play” although there is doubt whether Thiago will be able to take the post and make Bayern on Wednesday a less offensive team with more help to Javi Martinez in midfield.

James step for Madrid, which despite being white property does not seem to return, was marked by the complicated final with Zidane with a distancing between the two for the few minutes that the player had, the footballer argued, and the disenchantment for the lack of concentration in the player's training, in the coach's version. During the last year there were tensions that ended with the player out, as both wanted.

 James Rodríguez, in the last match of Bayern Munich.

James Rodríguez, in the last game of Bayern Munich.


With the memory of Fernando Morientes, James Rodríguez threatens the two most important Real Madrid matches this year and warns of the danger that ex-players have had with the white team in the last years. A elimination with James as protagonist would be a blow to the line of the Madrid project, more for the player than for the goodbye to the final, something 'normal' in the world of football, although that is today a hypothesis.

This Wednesday, Real Madrid looks for Munich, and even with the return at the Bernabéu on May 2, the most difficult: eliminate for the second year in a row the Bayern the great colossus of Europe, and reach the final of the Champions again, a feat that whites, in their eagerness to build history, will end up becoming routine.




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