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James Rodríguez Bayern Munich midfielder, said at a press conference Monday that has “absolutely nothing against” from his former coach, Zinedine Zidane, to whom he thanked the treatment he showed to him during his time at Real Madrid.

“Against Zidane, I have absolutely nothing against him. They are not feelings of anger or wanting to win against him. I just want to play a great game, I want Bayern to be able to play a great final which is what we want, I have nothing against him or against the club, I only have feelings of gratitude. “, he emphasized.

For James, it will be” nice “to face his former teammates at the” Santiago Bernabéu “Stadium almost a year after his departure from the white team. The Colombian declared that it is “nice” to return to what was his “home” for three seasons and clarified that he will have a mixture of feelings towards the whole city.

Questioned in case he will hold a goal in case of scoring, it was clear and forceful: “ No, for the simple fact that I was right here.” They treated me very, very well, I always wanted to be here, it was three unique years when I won many titles. respect for those people that made me happy here, “he said.




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