<pre>Juanma Castaño defends himself:

Juanma Castaño has had to step up after the criticism of Isco who last week attacked him because of his conflicting opinions regarding Madrid and Barcelona. The presenter of Playtime on his schedule, after the passing of the targets to the semifinals and the penalty awarded against Juventus spoke of “a world-wide scandal that may be remembered for years. ” And what did the malagueño do? Accusing him of partial: “A profession, two yardsticks, shameful,” he tweeted.

After these accusations, Juanma Castaño spoke at length about his raid on his program. “I never even said if it was a penalty or not.” I said it was going to be a worldwide scandal. I support it because that was what was generated: a global controversy. For the Real Madrid players that move was a miracle and the non-Real Madrid players would talk about theft. For me I did not say anything, “he began.

Afterwards, the presenter of Tiempo de Juego followed with several cuts of the program on the night that he played on Barcelona – PSG, encounter to which he referred Isco . “The first penalty indicated is the least doubtful and the penalty Luis Suárez is not”, said Juanma Castaño then.

And, finally, gave his opinion: “My value judgment about Isco he has to remain the same, he is a great player for Madrid and the national team. We have the right to criticize all God and it turns out that because a player speaks ill of us he has no right to do so. No, of that, nothing. There is only a small reproach on my part, and that is that I think he is a little ungrateful with the Cope. Because there was a moment that this radio had to be called Radio Isco, “ ended.

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