1998, 2000, 2002, 2014, 2016 and 2017 are the years in which Real Madrid achieved glory in Europe. Amsterdam Paris Glasgow Lisbon Milan and Cardiff the cities where the Cup was raised to heaven from Europe, from the Sixth to the Twelfth. In all of them there is a common denominator that is repeated in all the years that the Spanish team won the Champions League. And it is not the players, coaches or presidents, who have been different, but the way.

In all the Champions League that Real Madrid has won the whites had to eliminate at least a German team . On the way there was always the rocky Germany, footballingly stable with the passage of time and with Bayern Munich always at the most, but not the only, standard of their football when exporting to Europe.

That Bayern, the colossus of the continent, the ogre of the Champions, who visits Real Madrid on Wednesday (20:45 hours) in the first leg semi-final . It is the moment of truth and to reach the 13th, the third consecutive (and fourth in five years), the Zidane team will again have to travel to Germany. Destiny is always whimsical.

Zidane, in his player stage, against Effemberg in a Real Madrid – Bayern 2002.


In 1998 was the Borussia Dortmund in 2000 and 2002 the Bayern Munich in 2014 the Schalke 04 in 2016 the Wolfsburg and in 2017 again Bayern . Always in eliminatory, with any format, Madrid had to get down to a German to be champion of Europe. In 2018 the whole of Heynckes arrives, one of the great coaches of this sport, the coach with whom Real Madrid returned to glory, with the Seventh European Cup.

Real Madrid travels to Munich with the reminder of last season where he got a very short 1-2 in one of the best games of its history in German territory, and with the ambition intact . The season is saved with the Thirteenth or it is not saved. And for that we have to eliminate Bayern, the German champion (for the sixth time in a row), by second year in a row a very complicated challenge. But it is this team that won the two Champions in a row …

In history there are heroes who go down in history to score the goals that decide those moments . What to say about Andrés Iniesta or Sergio Ramos, whose goals will be remembered for a lifetime. In this idyllic series with German teams (not with Germany, because until 2014 he had only won once), Madrid evokes those players who managed to finish with the Teutonic roller.

 Sergio Ramos, at the moment of the head-butt with the one that Madrid eliminated Bayern in 2014.

Sergio Ramos, at the moment of the header with which Madrid eliminated Bayern in 2014.


On that April afternoon remembered for the fall of the Bernabéu goal, Christian Karembeu became the white hero by scoring the decisive goal (before Morientes scored) to Borussia Dortmund , with a 2-0 in Madrid that was even better with the 0-0 in Germany. Two years later, a footballer who passed without pain or glory for the Madrid, Nicolas Anelka scored a goal in Munich that was worth a final, then won at Valencia in Paris. Madrid had won 2-0 at the Bernabéu, but Bayern were 1-0 at the Olympic and a header from the French saved the Del Bosque.

In 2001 it was the Germans who eliminated the Spaniards, but in 2002 Madrid took revenge and met: German team eliminated Champions won after . The whites dismounted Bayern in a tough heat, marked by tension on and off the field. In the quarterfinals, Bayern won 2-1 in Munich and Madrid came back from behind with a 2-0 win, with Guti as a hero: he came out in the second half and after four minutes he scored the goal that the go to the semifinals.

Already in the recent stage, after 12 years in white, Madrid again won the Champions League in 2014 and for that he had to eliminate the three German teams. In eighth at Schalke 04, in quarterfinals to Borussia Dortmund and in the semifinals to Bayern. In that edition he highlighted Casemiro who with very few minutes earned him to hold Real Madrid in Dortmund, where he suffered a lot losing 2-0, to a goal of elimination, and Sergio Ramos with the two headers in Munich with which they brilliantly eliminated Bayern Guardiola.

 Karembeu, with Morientes and Raúl celebrating the Seventh European Cup.

Karembeu, with Morientes and Raúl celebrating the Seventh European Cup.

In 2016 the hero was Cristiano, who in fact had also been the previous year and the next, but in the Wolfsburg comeback scored three goals with which Madrid came back to the German side in the Bernabéu. A year later, the same Cristiano devastated Bayern already with Ancelotti, with five goals in a brilliant elimination of the Portuguese.

This year, with Bayern still able to make Triplete, Madrid returns to Munich with that feeling of being again before sports history. Zidane looks for a new (or old) hero with which to be able to fulfill what is always fulfilled: year that wins the Champions year that there was elimination to a German team . [19659020]



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