<pre>Michel Salgado leaves retirement to play in Panama

Michel Salgado, who was part of one of the most outstanding times in the recent history of Real Madrid, will leave his retirement and will return to the courts in the independent club of Chorrera, of the first division of Panama.

“He will join the team this Wednesday to prepare for next Saturday's game, managing the schedule is difficult, he must prepare, meet the club, the country, give a press conference,” said the vice president of the club, Roberto Arroyo.

Salgado, 42, will play Saturday against Plaza Amador looking for the semifinals of the local league and then leave the country.

“There are no economic reasons. and that is the reason for the honor of his contribution. “

In his career, which Salgado left in 2012, the right-handed side won seven Spanish leagues, two Champions League and one Intercontinental Cup, sharing dressing room with Zidane, R Onaldo, Figo and Raúl




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