<pre>Oblak placates Real Madrid and Atlético takes too much prize from Bernabéu

In football there has always been a conflict between the styles that are used to win. One can try to win by attacking and others from the defense and counterattack. All are respectable and all are valid if in the end you achieve your goal. In the Madrid derby, Madrid was better (much better), but justice is given by the goals. [Así te hemos contado el Real Madrid 1-1 Atlético de Madrid]

And there was equality because Atlético resisted, thanks to Oblak, the siege of Real Madrid and because he was smart when he got the first goal. The Simeone are still seconds, four points ahead of Real Madrid, but say goodbye to the minimum options they had League.

Oblak avoided the rout of Real Madrid. And that does not mean that Keylor Navas did not appear, that also, with two stratospheric stops. But while the Costa Rican made two, the Slovenian made six. And all very clear. Keylor avoided a goal from Atlético, Oblak Madrid's clear victory. The rojiblanco goal showed at the Bernabéu to be the best goalkeeper in the world.

The first part was a siege of Real Madrid in which Atlético only came out in three isolated minutes. The first, in a good collective move that ended with Koke crawling on the ground without success in the shot. The second, on the best occasion of the rojiblancos throughout the match, a measured shot by Diego Costa who responded with a spectacular hand Keylor Navas. The third, in an offside called Vitolo inexplicably, because the canary started from his own field.

Atlético will not be the team that should complain about the refereeing, because Real Madrid asked, and with good reason, three penalties (two in the first part, another in the second). One to Kroos from Juanfran, another to Lucas Vázquez from his namesake Hernández and a nudge from Godín to Lucas Vázquez. In all Estrada Fernández interpreted that there was nothing and only in the second one could give him the benefit of the error. The other two were clear.

He put the 1-0 Cristiano in a beautiful goal, with an exquisite center of Gareth Bale that the Portuguese topped with a cross shot. Atletico, as so many other times, also suffered the poison of a Ronaldo in a state of grace and that was changed, with 1-1, in the 60th minute. It was agreed and even the tight result changed Zidane's plans.

At that tie came Atlético in a great reaction to Cristiano's goal. If the Portuguese scored in 53 ', Griezmann did it in minute 57'. Everything that Simeone's team had not done in 50 minutes, he did in four. It was something more to attack and so came the Atletico goal, in a Vitolo-Griezmann connection that ended with so much of the French. One minute later, Koke had exactly the same, but he pulled another saving hand Keylor.

The derby was beautiful and at times frantic. They saw two huge goalies and two antágonicos styles with which both can be won. Simeone repeated the idea of ​​the Camp Nou, retreating back all the first half and stretching in the second, and the result this time was something better.

That the derby had no importance beyond the honor was seen in the tranquility with the that all took the duel. There were no big fights The coaches even had the luxury of removing Cristiano and Diego Costa. Zidane and Simeone, with good judgment, preferred not to risk now that the important section arrives in the decisive section of the season. From there, the party fell asleep more.

One more stop for Oblak and a final derby for the winner is Barcelona, ​​which scores 11 points at Atletico and 15 points at Real Madrid (21 at stake). With this score, the League would already be decided in the Classic on May 6. Of course, the whites, and rightly so, will not make the champion's corridor.



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