The basketball schedule will be tried forward.

How capricious has been destiny this season. Because the headache facing the Real Madrid fan is quite serious: the football team and the basketball team have seen their European paths intertwined. And literally, since some will play their lives in the Champions League and others in the Euroleague … at the same time! Yes, today the first leg of the semi-final against Bayern of Munich (in Germany) coincides with the third match of the basketball quarter-final against Panathinaikos (in Madrid).

And this is not just a similarity of dates, no. If you are a Madridista or simply want to follow the two events, you have it complicated (at least for now): Bayern – Madrid will start at 20:45 on Wednesday, April 25 while that Madrid – Panathinaikos will do it at 21:00 on the same day . And, in addition, in the Palace of the Sports of the Spanish capital. The problem is that change the basketball game date is a chimera . There are two reasons that invite us to think like that.

The first is that the WiZink Center is occupied by an Arcade Fire concert on Tuesday the 24th. It starts at the same time it is expected to do so, the next day , that third match of the continental playoffs. The second is that the Euroleague has determined that the qualifiers CSKA – Khimki and Panathinaikos – Madrid are played on Tuesday and Thursday the first week and Wednesday and Friday the second. Although the real problem is the schedule .

As you may have known EL ESPAÑOL, Madrid will try that the football and basketball matches are not both . The solution that is handled is to advance that Euroleague duel (6:00 PM, 6:30 PM or 7:00 PM would be recommendable times) so that people can follow after the Champions commitment without problems. Of course, the change would have to be approved by the maximum European competition of the basket to be made.

The basketball schedule will be tried to move forward.


At this point, it is worth emphasizing that the engagement of the Laso team on the 25th is as or more crucial than the one that Zidane and his men will face . Why? Madrid can advance in the series (1-2), qualify for the Final Four (0-3), stay alive (2-1) and even be eliminated (3-0) on Wednesday. It is clear, therefore, that the meeting will be one of those that require a good audience.

There is more. If the basketball rooms reached a fifth and decisive match in Greece this match would again coincide with the semifinals of football . In this case, with the return, scheduled for Tuesday May 1 at 20:45 at the Santiago Bernabéu. It is very likely that the Panathinaikos – Madrid (if disputed) began at 20:15, since this is the stipulated schedule for the first two games of the tie, also on Greek soil.

In this second crossroads ] would have a double difficulty for the white basket when it comes to finding a solution : playing away from home and not having the last word, as a club, regarding a possible change in schedule (Panathinaikos would have it) . Of course, there would be a possibility that could cause that fifth game to change date: that more than two series of quarters go 2-1 or 1-2 after its third game.

Once again, the importance is reflected again of that Game 3 . Worries (because it will be played yes or yes, which is not clear with the fifth), and not only to Madrid. Also to the maximum European basketball competition. This has been confirmed by the Euroleague itself to THE SPANISH: is working on a possible change of date or time for Madrid – Panathinaikos on the 25th and is expected to have a verdict on it at the beginning of next week

 The last time that soccer semifinals and basketball quarters coincided was in 2014.

The last time soccer and basketball quarterfinals coincided was in 2014.


Beyond what is decided, there is a last European precedent the less curious. And in which there was no change: almost four years ago a Real Madrid – Bayern Munich Champions League semi-final (first leg) started at exactly the same time (20:45) as the fourth Euroleague playoff game against Olympiacos (in Piraeus) . There was victory in soccer and defeat in basketball. Later, the Tenth fell, although the Ninth of basketball would still have to wait a year.

There have been other recent incompatibilities between one section and another. For example, last year a Classic League match was played in Madrid (from 18:30 to 18) when a Madrid-Betis soccer match was played at 20:45 . Also from the league and at home. In addition, the 2016 FIFA Club World Cup final overlapped for one hour with a Madrid – Obradoiro . And the Palace noticed it (no matter how much the goals were sung by the public address system): 6,783 spectators when the pavilion receives, on average, more than 9,000 in the league.

If this happened with a Mundialito in between, ¿ What would happen with the orange ball facing nothing more and nothing less than the almighty European Football Cup? There are still chances that the mess will be resolved. But the only certainty at the moment is that Real Madrid has a problem with the counterprogramming between the big brother and the small one of the club. That can acquire the qualification of blessed if the bad luck of sharing calendar becomes good with a ticket for Kiev and another for Belgrade as a reward.


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