<pre>Sergio Ramos will not be sanctioned and will be able to play the semifinals of the Champions

Sergio Ramos will be able to play the semifinals of the Champions League after UEFA decided not to open a file considering that he did not reach the level of the pitch during the Real Madrid match – Juventus this Wednesday.

The captain of Real Madrid was suspended (accumulation of cards) and UEFA rules prevent a player in that condition from being on the pitch. The doubt was in the position. Sergio Ramos, explains the highest body of European football, never reached the level of the pitch so there is no reason for the penalty

The UEFA Disciplinary Code and the Rules of Procedure The Champions gather that a sanctioned player can not be at “pitch level”, but does not specify exactly if he can enter and be in the locker room or in the tunnel.

In moments of tension during the match of Champions, R masters was warned by the referee and now delegate of the white club Megía Dávila that he could be sanctioned for being there. Studied the report prepared by the delegate of UEFA, the German Rainer Koch, it is decided not to open file Sergio Ramos, who can play the two semifinal games unless he is expelled in the first. [19659005] Ramos lived the final minutes of the match in the locker room tunnel of the Santiago Bernabéu. Once the tie was tied and with the tension of the moment, the captain of Real Madrid left his box and moved to the locker room without ever stepping on the grass, as recorded in the report. 19659006]


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