<pre>Spanish press described Arturo Vidal's operation as

The Spanish press closely follows the medical situation of Arturo Vidal, qualifying his surgery as “the worst news for Bayern Munich” facing the key that will animate the Bavarian side against Real Madrid for the semifinals of the Champions League.

The sports journal Mark entitled: “The worst news for Bayern: Vidal will have to undergo surgery”, replicating the words of the technician Jupp Heynckes on the intervention to which the Chilean driver must submit.

For its part Sport led with the phrase “Official: Arturo Vidal, to the operating room” indicating in the text that “the Chilean star of Bayern Munich must pass by the operating room in the next hours. “

In the newspaper El País the main news of its sports section is titled that ” Vidal will be operated and is almost certain low against Real Madrid “similar to what he said As :” Vidal will go through the operating room: almost ruled out by Madrid. ”

According to the publications, Vidal will not be in the first leg against the “merengue” box, scheduled for Wednesday, April 25.




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