Benjamin A of Barcelona gave a lesson in 'valors' to the first team. And we do not talk about throwing or pretending, but about something else. After winning the 'IscarCup' and winning at Real Madrid (0-2) in the final, the teenagers approached their rivals in the white team and consoled them. After seeing them dejected, they went to give them encouragement. A gesture of sportsmanship that has gone viral due to its importance and its importance.

For reviewing the facts. Barcelona was proclaimed champion of the eighth edition of the 'IscarCup', a tournament held in Medina del Campo, Valladolid, and won his third tournament title. But, after finishing the game, they did not go to the dressing room or start celebrating. The children of 9 and 10 years went to console their rivals, who were down on the grass. They saw the white players on the grass, crying and wailing and came to give him encouragement.

In some way, the little ones have taught the older ones, to whom they should set an example. With his gesture they honored all the values ​​transmitted by sport. It does not matter if it was Real Madrid, its main rival, or that the climate between Catalonia and the rest of Spain has been muddied for some time. .


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