Any coach in the world of football would be looking forward to having a dilemma like the one who has a year-round Zinedine Zidane . It is not a topic, but a reality. Competition in football is one of the healthiest things that can exist, since that forces the holder not to trust and the substitute to press at any time of the season.

Have up to four players of the highest level for a single post has its things positive but also negative . And if that happens at Real Madrid, everything will be based on the negative. This is the price that the team that has won the most in soccer history has to pay. Any analysis will always go.

Help also some dialectical clumsiness of Isco (“here (by the selection) I have the confidence of the coach” and “in Madrid I do not have the continuity I need”) to create this debate about one or the other. Zidane has shown ten fixed players and only one moveable square which was previously for Bale and is now rotated between Isco himself, the already hardened pearl Asensio, the always reliable and hardworking Lucas and the great star Bale.

Zidane, at a press conference before Juventus

With that only doubt in the eleven, Real Madrid appears in Turin to play the first assault of the quarterfinals of the Champions (20:45 hours) in which it is the most important of the season. That spring smell that makes the Champions League unmistakable is already here. Soccer, from today, looks differently. It is different from everything that has happened until now.

After the brilliant tie against PSG, Real Madrid faces another great from Europe, the rocky Juventus, who presents his weakest team of the last five years but that still retains the name and history . They know how to play in Europe as they showed before Tottenham, where five minutes were enough to defeat the English team. It is, for the Italians, the rematch of the last Champions League final. A match between two colossi.

Zidane, who reminded Isco that “in the National Team has eight games and in Madrid there are 60” he assured at a press conference that “ I like all the drawings, change and play differently “to add later that, for him, ” there are no titular or substitute players and he will use everyone “. The speech has its part of reality, but also its part of 'trap'. You can use them all, but when a big date arrives, the Real Madrid team is ten and one doubt.

Bale with Lucas Vázquez in Las Palmas.

Ángel Medina

Agencia EFE

Keylor Navas in goal; Carvajal, Sergio Ramos, Varane and Marcelo in defense; Casemiro, Kroos and Modric in the center of the field; and Cristiano and Benzema above. These ten are always. They are not touched by Zidane on a big date. If they are all available (before the PSG, for example, Kroos and Modric came from injury), they will be holders. This happened in the first Champions of Zidane in Milan (Pepe by Varane) and in the second in Cardiff.

In that team missing a final piece, which completed Gareth Bale to form the undisputed BBC until a year ago. But the continuous injuries of the Welshman plus the progression of Asensio, the quality of Isco and the work of Lucas have opened that position which is no longer fixed. Before the PSG, in the gone, played Isco. In the return, with the conditioner of Modric and Kroos played, Lucas and Asensio left.

In Turin, there are doubts about the eleventh man. Zidane is not expected to leave Benzema out, so the only question is in the aforementioned position. Part with advantage Isco and not for their complaints, but for the precedents and their game that may be the most inclined for a first leg. But the good moment of Asensio also appears like option.

 Marco Asensio celebrates a goal this year

Marco Asensio celebrates a goal this year.


The global data of this season also shows the equality that exists between these players. Between Champions and Liga, the two valid competitions to analyze, three of these four players have played the same matches : 32 (Lucas Vázquez 26 Liga + 6 Champions, Asensio 25 + 7 and Isco 25 + 7). Bale, with an injury in between, played 24 games. It should be clarified, however, that not all parties have the same value.

Only Real Madrid has won once in Turin and that's been 56 years. It was in 1962, with Di Stéfano, Puskas and Gento in a dream team trained by Miguel Muñoz, the best coach of Madrid in its history and who is now trying to reach Zidane. In recent times, 2-1 in the semifinals of 2015, 2-2 in the group stage of 2014, 2-1 in the group stage of 2009, 2-0 in the second round of 2005 and 3-1 in the semifinals of 2003. In a double match, Juventus have been the team that has most embittered Real Madrid.

The Champions return. The days are happy. And play the champion and the top favorite. Where it cost more. Juventus – Real Madrid, a classic of Europe two of the biggest in the continent on another big day of this sport. Zidane, with his eleven of 10 + 1. And it is not some superstition.

 Isco, in celebration of a goal.

Isco, in celebration of a goal.




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