Manuel Bruñas.

After many analyzes, thousands of shots, photos from any angle and hundreds of expert opinions … There are still those who are not clear. Was it or was it not maximum penalty? Did you have to qualify on Madrid or not? As well. There is someone who changed his mind quickly. Exactly, in just over an hour. And the networks have obviously echoed this. Manuel Bruña, section head of Mundo Deportivo, first typed: “A penalty that was it because Benatia overwhelmed Lucas Vázquez in the last action of the match, curiously in the 93rd minute “. And then, the version of the facts changed: “A more than controversial penalty of Benatia over Lucas Vázquez”. “How !?”, some reader would think.

For those who have not yet seen the images or have not read anything about what happened on Wednesday night at the Bernabéu -if that is possible at this point-, we detail what happened. The Juventus which came from losing in Turin (3-0), had to trace the result in Chamartín . And, although it seemed impossible, he did it. Mandzukic in the first half, scored two goals and Matuidi in the second period, scored the third after taking advantage of an error Keylor Navas in the

The tie came in at 93 minutes. Then, Benatia brought down Lucas Vázquez inside the area and the referee considered it a penalty. Buffon for protesting, was expelled and had to enter Szczesny to try to perpetuate the feat until overtime. However, Cristiano Ronaldo placed the ball at the 11-meter point, hit the squad and qualified Real Madrid for the semifinals (1-3). These are the facts. The interpretations, the changes of opinion and the controversies that are at the discretion of each one.



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