<pre>Ex-referees talk about the penalty:

The penalty of the match between Real Madrid and Juventus committed by Benatia on Lucas Vázquez three seconds from the end and released Five minutes later, due to the complaints of the Juventus players, he is on his way to becoming the most famous penalty in the recent history of football.

Both in Spain and in Italy, the two countries of the teams that staged the Champions League duel on Wednesday, is one of the major themes of the sports and general press, but the game is not a local thing. Across Europe, this controversial action is taken, which prevented the tie from going into extra time, although, as you know, the penalty is not synonymous with a goal. It had to be launched by Cristiano, who did not fail

“Justified Penalty” can be read in the pages of L'Equipe sports newspaper of reference in France. “Zarandeado by an extraordinary Juventus, the Madrilenians miraculously preserved a part of their advantage of the first leg and in the discount Ronaldo scored a justified penalty” added the French newspaper, which used the phrase “The good star” del Real “, with a photo of Cristiano placing the ball on the penalty spot, as the title holder.

Real Madrid qualifies for the Champions League semifinals with arbitration controversy

In its digital version they explained that Real Madrid was “on the verge of a nervous breakdown” and “Juve was on the threshold of the feat … until the 93rd minute and the penalty shot by Christian”.

In England there is division around the play mainly because they do not 'get wet'. “Ronaldo frustrates the incredible fight of Juventus at the end” title The Guardian which explains that “football changes, Real Madrid is still alive”. In The Times you can read: “Ronaldo breaks the hearts of Juventus” and define the penalty as “controversial” and put him as the key “in a dramatic win for Real Madrid 4-3 (overall of the tie) after an exciting comeback of the Italians. “

In the Daily Telegraph what is collected only from the penalty is that was” late “ and add that “Ronaldo comes to the rescue after the Italians surprised the Spanish giants by equalizing the tie.”

In Germany, most newspapers do not go deep into the penalty and are limited to analyzing the match and the influence of that maximum penalty in the tie, although the main theme is the pass of Bayern Munich to the semifinals. “There is a push from behind”, reads in Bild . “A late penalty”, write in Die Welt to add later that it was “questionable”. In this newspaper they consider that the pass of Real Madrid is not fair. “In the hype of semifinals will be Bayern (rightly so), Liverpool (rightly so), Roma (rightly so) … and Real Madrid, current champion, football is not always fair” write.

In Portugal, A Bola focuses on the figure of Cristiano Ronaldo. “Real Madrid secured the pass to the semifinals of the Champions League but had to overcome a great obstacle. Juventus tied the tie, but a great penalty converted by Cristiano Ronaldo sealed the passage of the madrileños. “

Reaction of exfutbolistas

If we go to the opinons of exfutbolistas, also divided. Vieri former Italian international, called the referee “pathetic”, Chilavert came to claim that “the soccer mafia leaves out Juventus” and Batistuta explained that “If today had defended the colors of Juventus I would be injured in the professional and sportsmanship.”

Lineker, habitual commentator in England, qualified the penalty as “doubtful”, Rio Ferdinand ] spoke of the “step forward of Cristiano” and Owen and Gerrard praised Ronaldo for the way in which he threw the penalty. “People know well what a penalty is, put it right at the back of the post … Not many players can put it there,” said Gerrard. “Many people can say that they put penalties, but with that pressure? It's crazy. “

For his part, Alessandro Del Piero legend of Juventus, explained that he did not understand Buffon because of complaints to the referee, that for him” it was a penalty “and that he understood the players' frustration



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