<pre>The Real Madrid of the 'puppies' saves with difficulty the process before the Leganés

The last time the Leganés stepped on the Santiago Bernabéu, Real Madrid was electrocuted completely and a seasonal disaster came. Soccer, so unpredictable always, ended up changing that disaster (eliminated from the Cup) in a historical situation, with the whites playing their third Champions final. [Narración y estadísticas: Real Madrid 2-1 Leganés]

To get to Kiev they must endorse the pass on Tuesday against Bayern and that match was the only important one of this Saturday at the Bernabéu. Madrid did not play against Leganés, he played against himself. Zidane did not disguise, thought about the Champions League match and took out all those who this year have been substitutes. The 'puppies'.

And with them the Madrid let the minutes pass and the two hours of duel, without soul or heart, almost unwilling to play knowing how little was at stake. The Madrid – Leganés at the end of April, dates in which there is always maximum tension, it seemed a friendly. The whole of Garitano, because it is already saved, reaffirming the miracle that has been working for years. Madrid, because the League has been lost for some time.

And with that panorama, the Bernabéu fell asleep and hardly vibrated. All thoughts were, rightly so, at Bayern . Zidane's extreme rotation did not save Casemiro, who acted as a defense, and neither did Benzema and Bale whom now, especially the Welshman, can not be put as headline. Of French, nothing. Insulza, as almost always. De Gareth, a goal just beginning the game just in line with the offside.

After this, the Madrid far from pleasing, preferred to save efforts, logical for what is coming, unintelligible by those who played. Of the 'puppies' he highlighted Ceballos, that at least tried things, Achraf which was better in band although it was from more to less, and Borja Mayoral , even if it was only for the goal that he scored when the first half was over in a shot at the far post where the Parla striker only had to push the ball. The celebration was with suspense, because first the goal was canceled (as indicated by the lineman out of play) but then it was considered valid (right) by the referee when the ball came from a defender of Leganés.

set of the south of Madrid, that each time you step on the Bernabéu will remember that it was in this field where he drew one of the most important and beautiful pages of its history, was raised in the second half also thanks to the siesta madridista, cut distances (Brasanac, 66 ') and close was the draw with several approaches that raised some whistles at the Bernabéu.

Few conclusions can be drawn from a game in which the Madrid was not the Madrid of Champions, as it was anticipated. Without Keylor, Marcelo, Carvajal, Ramos, Varane, Kroos (he came out in the second half), Modric, Cristiano, Isco, Asensio (he also appeared later) and Lucas, the whole white team was completely blurred. Unit B did not work.

The team of Zidane defeated one point away from Atlético in the fight (if one of the two teams wants to fight) for the second place. The match ended at Leganés, a rock on the road to Madrid, and the great fire of the season is over . On Tuesday, against Bayern, the European champion will make this season bad, good or very good. The excellent, in any case, for Kiev.




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