<pre>The Real Madrid - Panathinaikos that coincides with the Champions will be at 18:45

The Real Madrid football and basketball will continue to stake their lives in Europe on same day (Wednesday, April 25) but not at the same time . What was once a full coincidence ( Bayern Munich – Real Madrid will start at 20:45 hours Real Madrid – Panathinaikos would start at 9:00 pm, also at the Palacio de Sports) is no longer such: the third match of the playoffs of the basket happens to be disputed at 18:45 as it has confirmed the Euroleague to THE SPANISH a few minutes ago.

This newspaper already informed a few days ago of the intention of Madrid to advance basketball so that fans could also follow the first leg of the Champions League semi-finals without biggest drawback The proposal of the club has arrived at good port, as and it demonstrates the approval of the maximum European competition.

Still it is in the air what would happen in case that Laso and its boys had to confront a fifth and transcendental party in Greece on Tuesday May 1 : this match would again coincide with the semifinals of the sport king (the return to play in the Santiago Bernabéu of the Spanish capital). Maybe there could be a change of date for the event then, since the Euroleague contemplates this possibility if several of their quarter-final eliminations go 2-1 or 1-2 after the third game.

What is clear is that a scene like the one in 2014 will no longer be repeated, in which the Champions League (Real Madrid – Bayern Munich, coming from the semifinals) and the Euroleague (fourth playoff match between Madrid and Olympiacos) started at once: 20:45. Now there will be two hours of margin between the parties of both sections of Madrid. Although, beyond dates and times, victory will be the only important thing for both of them that day.




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