The moment of Juventus' third goal, Keylor's decision.

It was the night of the anguish and the agony in the Bernabéu the match in which Real Madrid played very close to a historical KO an unprecedented debacle that would have changed any analysis currently of the club but also of this sport. Juventus, who died on foot, came back from 0-3 on the first leg.

This Wednesday's match will be remembered in history of the Champions League . They are of those duels that transcend any analysis and reflect the harshness (and greatness) of the Champions League, a competition that has shown in these quarters that does not forgive a single bad minute . Any confusion or confidence is paid dearly. That is why it is the best tournament in the world of football.

Real Madrid qualified for the semi-finals of the Champions League (consecutive eighths, record of the competition) with a penalty in the last second, which also took five minutes to launch for the complaints of Juventus. They were very tense moments with expulsion of Buffon included, which ended with Cristiano Ronaldo scoring the maximum penalty. The match, in any case, went to overtime, because Juventus was winning 0-3 at the Bernabéu.

Why did Real Madrid suffer so much?

After the moments of uncertainty in which the white amateur left his stadium with a strange feeling (happy for the victory, but still retaining the fear), the key is how Real Madrid, the most experienced team in the Champions (and the one that has more titles) could get there.

Real Madrid qualify for the semifinals of the Champions with controversial arbitration

Mainly, by the nervousness . Real Madrid did not play badly, had several chances, but the game is explained in minute 2 at which time Juventus put the 0-1 and 'electrocutó' the heads of the players whites . Zidane's team had not had time to settle down and they already had a goal against, which, as was later proved, raised ghosts . A professional footballer, and more of this level, knows perfectly what happened the previous day in Rome.

That was the main problem of the European champion. He got so small that he did not control his own impulses. The first two goals, both from Mandzukic (minutes 2 and 37) came in the same way, with centers at the far post where the Croatian forward, former Atlético de Madrid, finished off with a header.

The great mistake of Real Madrid was psychological. He was afraid. It was overwhelmed before what could be a historical hecatomb and did not control those small details that end up being decisive. Soccer was fine, but games are more than that. Some players ended up blurred by what was happening

The defense, Keylor, Isco and Bale

On the sporting level, the defense, in need of a Sergio Ramos absent by penalty, was a flan . Douglas Costa dizzy in the first part, Carvajal was accelerated at times and Marcelo made his worst game since two months ago. In the center of the rear, two defenses to which the events that were being lived came very big to them. Varane tried to pull the car but could not and Vallejo was shipwrecked. The central Zaragoza can not be asked that in a day, before the few minutes he had before, Sergio Ramos. The youth took its toll.

Three other players who 'played' and who also explain the script of the game were Keylor Navas, Isco and Bale . The Welshman was changed to rest in a tactical modification of Zidane, but the simple fact that he was so soon to the bench indicates that Gareth had not contributed anything until then. The change could be him or Isco, who desperate several times to the Bernabéu for his slowness in the game his excessive mania for controlling the ball and for not knowing how to read what the match requested.

And, finally, Keylor Navas, who suffered with cruelty the injustice with which the goalkeepers survive . The goal 'tico' failed in a resounding way in the third goal (blunder, he escaped the ball from his hands), but also in the second Italian could have done more if he had not stayed in the same goal line. It was not the best goalkeeper's match, which with this performance will unfairly erase his very good performances in recent times, including the first leg in Turin.

The moment of the third goal of Juventus, in Keylor's decision.


Without the hierarchy of Ramos

But, above all, Real Madrid lacked spirit that value that has so characterized the club and that now symbolizes Sergio Ramos , which brings hierarchy to the team. The shadow of the captain (who will miss the first leg of the semifinals, due to lack of officiality, when picking up the referee who was in the dressing room, something forbidden for a sanctioned soccer player) was very long. Madrid, without Ramos, lost that aura that makes him stand in any circumstance and that right now they only have the Andalusian … and Cristiano.

In matches like this one Wednesday also values ​​the figure of the Portuguese player, of the little positive of Madrid. With his team on the edge of the KO, Cristiano pushed like the first, pulled the team, fought each ball and tried it continuously . He also encouraged Keylor after the failure by acting as captain. Continuously active, without hiding, he scored the penalty, which was not an easy task, because it was the longest and most strenuous that is remembered in a match of this importance.

 Cristiano, with his team-mates, in celebration of the penalty goal.

Cristiano, with his teammates, in celebration of the penalty goal.


Al Madrid, in summary, could the pressure. There were sports problems, but those that led him to go losing by 0-3 were psychological. Fear and oppression The fear of repeating the disaster of Barcelona in the Olympic of Rome. Fortunately for whites, they managed to get through, which is what it is all about. And they are the only Spanish team in the semifinals.

A Champions League also wins with such agonizing suffering as this Wednesday. It is the test by which all equipment passes, also this Madrid that already has its life spent. In the Tenth was in Dortmund, in the Eleventh in Wolfsburg and in the Twelfth in extra time against Bayern. Not everything was going to be devastating



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