<pre>The solid statistics that make Real Madrid favorites over Bayern Munich

The semifinal of the Champions League 2017-201 8 returns to the stage one of the great classics of European football, the duel between Bayern Munich and Real Madrid the two sets more times they have met in the most prestigious competition in the world.

The white team eliminated the Bavarians on their way to the conquest of the Eighth, Ninth, Tenth and Twelfth ] European Cups.

This time will have the added morbidity of the quarter-final controversial last season, as well as the reunion of Colombian James Rodriguez with Real Madrid and coach Jupp Heynckes, who won with the white box Seventh is just 20 years ago, winning the Juventus final in Amsterdam 1-0 with a goal by Predraj Mijatovic.

Bayern's difficulty as a rival finds consolation for the Madridistas in the memory of the conquest of four of his last five Leones de Campeone s.

The triumphs of Real Madrid in recent times improved the historical statistics that favored the Bavarian champion. Now e l balance is matched with eleven victories per side and two matched. It will be the seventh time they will meet in the semifinals.

The first match between the most successful club in Europe, Real Madrid with twelve gimped, and Bayern, winner of five, occurred on March 31, 1976 in the semifinals of the European Cup.

The tie at one goal in the “Santiago Bernabéu”, he did well in the return with a 2-0 thanks to the goals of Gerd Müller, author of the three goals of the tie.

The last one was in the quarterfinals of last season, in which Real Madrid won in the Allianz in the first leg by 1-2 after going losing 1-0 with a goal from the Chilean Arturo Vidal, who then missed a penalty, and comeback with a double from Cristiano Ronaldo key with a triplet in the round, which was resolved in the extension (4-2).

The clashes:

Real Madrid 1-1 Bayern, Semifinal round 31-03-1976
Bay ern 2-0 Real Madrid, Semifinal round 14-04-1976
Bayern 4-1 Real Madrid, Semifinal round 08-04-1987
Real Madrid 1-0 Bayern, Semifinal round 22-04-1987
Bayern 3-2 Real Madrid, Quarter on 02-03-1988
Real Madrid 2-0 Bayern, Quarter-round 16-03-1988
Real Madrid 2-4 Bayern, Group phase 29-02-2000
Bayern 4-1 Real Madrid, Group stage 08-03-2000
Real Madrid 2-0 Bayern, Semifinal round 03-05-2000
Bayern 2-1 Real Madrid, Semifinal round 09-05 -2000
Real Madrid 0-1 Bayern, Semifinal round 01-05-2001
Bayern 2-1 Real Madrid, Semifinal round 09-05-2001
Bayern 2-1 Real Madrid, Quarter round 02- 04-2002
Real Madrid 2-0 Bayern, Quarterfinals 10-04-2002
Bayern 1-1 Real Madrid, Eighth leg 24-02-2004
Real Madrid 1-0 Bayern, Round 8 10 -03-2004
Real Madrid 3-2 Bayern, Eighth round 20-02-2007
Bayern 2-1 Real Madrid, Round 8 07-03-2007
Bayern 2-1Real Madrid, Semifinals gone 17-04-2012
Real Madrid 2-1 Bayern, Semifinal round 25-04-2012
Real Madrid 1-0 Bayern, Semifinals gone 04-23-2014
Bayern 0-4 Real Madrid, Semifinal round 29-04-2014
Bayern 1-2 Real Madrid, Fourth round 12-04-2017
Real Madrid 4-2 Bayern, Quarter round 04-18-2017


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