<pre>Timetable and where to watch the Champions League semifinal draw on TV

The Champions League is already in its final stretch and this Friday, in the Swiss city of Nyon will be held the last draw of this competition, which will know the two crosses of semifinals.

In the best club competition, whose final will be on Saturday May 26 in Kiev (Ukraine), there are four live teams, all of them from a different country, coinciding with the four most important leagues in Europe: Real Madrid (Spain), Rome (Italy), Bayern Munich (Germany) and Liverpool (England)

With a procedure very simple (a ball will be taken, with the name of one of the four semifinalists, who will face the club that comes out in second place), this draw will start at 1:00 pm s (one less in the Canary Islands) and will be broadcast in Spain on the television networks BeinSports and laSexta.

Semi-final matches, like the quarter finals that just ended, will be held in two consecutive weeks. The first leg matches will be on Tuesday 24 and Wednesday 25 April and the return matches will be on Tuesday 1 and Wednesday 2 May. In addition, in this draw will also be known who will be local and who will visit in the final of Kiev.

The draw has no conditioner and any of the four teams can face each other. The order of the round-trip matches will be determined by the extraction of the balls. The first leg in the field of the team that leaves first and the return, in the stadium of the club that leaves later.

The draw changes of schedule, since normally the gala of this type began at 12:00 hours , while the Europa League was held an hour later. On this occasion, UEFA has decided to alter the schedule and the first of the second club competition (which is in the same round, semi-finals) and then the Champions League.

Andriy Shevchenko the best footballer of the history of Ukraine and current coach of that country, host of the final of the Chamions, will be the in charge of taking the balls, thus fulfilling his work as ambassador of this year's final of Kiev



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