<pre>Ultras of Real Madrid and Málaga are cited and stuck like the Russians

Ultras from Real Madrid and Málaga were scheduled before Sunday's match between their two teams to fight. And they did it like the Russian radicals: they were left in a clearing in a nearby forest, there they stuck and then they went to the Rosaleda to witness the match belonging to the 32nd day of the League.

The two groups that appear in the photo are members of Ultra Sur and La Costa Nostra, radical groups of Real Madrid and Málaga respectively. And, as if they played a football match, in the middle of the fight, a person 'arbitrates' the fight between them.

The images, again, show that violence is still rooted in the sport king. Many groups of radicals continue to use football as an excuse for other purposes, be they political or merely fun to stick with other hobbies.

And then, they go to the stadiums. This time, Málaga and Real Madrid met without much to play. The Whites took the three points (1-2) thanks to the goals of I sco and Casemiro. Rolan scored for the Andalusians.

The battle, in the field, was won by Real Madrid, and out of it, according to the accounts that have made public the images of the fight, the Whites also took the victory.

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