Müller celebrates a goal with Bayern.

“I have good feelings.” The phrase has reverberated in the press room of Allianz Arena . Jupp Heynckes sitting, the microphone open and the sentence. And, suddenly, a tremor. The dictation of three words and a prayer of mood. That is the confirmation of what is coming: a rejuvenated battle – albeit with a certain vintage – of a European classic, of the continental football Bible. And yes, with optimistic Germans, without a brake. That's how they always were and they are. And, obviously, that's how they will appear. Its objective? Win the triplet. They have it between their brows, they smell it, they feel it and they caress it. The Bavarians contemplate it and put face for the photo. They know themselves champions of Europe . But why? Here are the keys.


There are bosses who impose themselves, others who convince, some who never really achieve any of the two things and finally there are those who are simply respected. Why? Because they have done something, because they are someone. And Heynckes is one of them. In Bayern is worshiped, loved and wished. The Bavarian team and he form a perfect tandem, and the players know it. Neither protest nor question it or try to revolutionize the 'chicken coop'. Jupp says how things must be done and the rest follow orders. But they do not do it just because they want it. No, also because they feel that the 'old' seeks the best for them. Examples? Since he arrived at Christmas has recovered Robben and Ribéry has managed to get the best out of Javi Martínez has deuvelto the confidence Müller (15 goals this year) has put together a recognizable style of play … and the results come. He has already won a triplet and that is above all. Know the secret. He knows what to do and puts it into practice. Let's see who dares to contradict him …


It is appropriate to continue talking about bosses, politicians or coaches. Does not matter. At the press conference, with the cameras recording, there are those who answer with evasiveness, those who give detours, those who demand prominence, those who take pressure off the players or those who stand up. The latter say: “Here I am.” They do not need more. In a way, he did Ancelotti before that 0-4 in Munich . “Will you use the catenaccio to win at Bayern ?” They asked him then. And he answered: “That's how they won World Cups”. That way of going without complexes for life, possibly, was key in the tie. And what has he done Heynckes this time? Something like that. When asked to speak of Cristiano Ronaldo he has been blunt: “The titles are won by the teams, but we must not forget that we have a player who has scored 39 goals (three less than CR7 ) “. And with that all said.

Müller celebrates a goal with Bayern.



Does Bayern from Heynckes play better than that from Guardiola ? No. Is it more reliable? Possibly yes. The Bavarian team, this season, has lost four matches against Hoffenheim PSG Borussia Monchengladbach and Leipzig . What's more, he does not know what it is to fall defeated in the Allianz Arena this course. There, the Germans have become strong. And there will appear Real Madrid with the handicap of being the first team to leave with arms raised. They will do it? We will see. In any case, you already know what it is. He did it with Ancelotti and also with Zidane on his last visit (1-2).


This Bayern knows what it is to be a champion of everything (even from Europe). He arrives after winning the Bundesliga (his sixth consecutive) and is in the final of the German Cup . He has won the triplet and wants to do it again. Players want to bid farewell to their height at Heynckes . They are with him, they know that he leaves in summer and that afterwards everyone will have to follow his path. Until then they will do it together. They feel capable of winning the triplet and they want it. It's the farewell to Jupp . Who (except for Madrid for obvious reasons) would not like to see something like that.

 Jupp Heynckes celebrates the Bundesliga.

Jupp Heynckes celebrates the Bundesliga.





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