Karim Bemzema is already used. A few days are whistles; others, applause. If you dial, there is merrymaking; if he does not, there is anger. This is his life And he knows it. Since he arrived at Real Madrid, year yes and also year, has been questioned. If he did not score enough goals, if he lacked blood, if he seemed absent … The expletives are in the newspaper library. “If I play a bad game, I do not need to read the press to find out. Game to help my colleagues and to win everything, I do not care if my name is not in the newspapers, “he acknowledged, in an interview with Vanity Fair. And with that mentality he goes out into the field this season, the worst of his in the Bernabéu . But, in spite of everything, there are reasons to think that he is the best possible forward for a team like Zidane . That's why the French coach wants him to stay. And for that, too, he thinks that his is “a blockade”, nothing more.


Does the forward of the Madrid need to score 50 goals each season? It depends. Benzema no. He does not write down, but he helps others do it. In that sense, he is the perfect striker to play alongside Cristiano Ronaldo. It opens the field, pulls uncheck, diverts the attention of the defenders, fixes to the central ones, goes to the front to combine in short and assists between the lines. He did so, for example, in the second goal of Madrid against Malaga (1-2), with a pass that received Isco and topped Casemiro . That is his gift. It is capable of being decisive when it has wet gunpowder. Quality, class and talent with the ball on his feet are too many.

Benzema, during a match with Real Madrid.


Benzema has scored a total of 190 goals in 403 games with Real Madrid. That is to say, the Frenchman knows what it is to see the door. He has scored from the head, from outside the area, from inside and with his ass, in any way. For years, he has sustained his team in attack. He has been the best companion of Cristiano Ronaldo and Bale on the BBC. It is not anybody. He has already demonstrated, on innumerable occasions, what he is capable of. And yes, it is true that he is not in his best season: has only made nine goals this season (five in the League, two in the Champions League, one in the Super Cup and one in the Copa del Rey). But sooner or later he will again be on a roll and then he will no longer be questioned.


Does Benzema not score? Insurance? The legend is widespread, but it is not true. The French striker has scored many goals. In fact, is the seventh striker who has done so many in Liga of Real Madrid beating Gento (a total of 128). They are only ahead of him: Cristiano Ronaldo, Raúl, Di Stéfano, Santillana, Hugo Sánchez and Puskas. At 30 years old, and if he stays in the Bernabéu – he recognized Zidane in the previous against the Athletic -, he has at his disposal enlarge his legend dressed of white.


Who would replace Benzema ? Here is the question. Lewandowski, Kane …? And how much do they cost? The French striker, at his age and after spending half his life at Real Madrid, could adapt to any role. He is at ease in Spain feels loved by the president and backed by the coach. He will accept what they propose. He does not want adventures. And, while, the white set can find a substitute without hurry, without spending a millionaire and counting on someone with guarantees. For all this, Karim is possibly the best forward to appear in the Bernabéu . Yes, even if you do not dial -as now. “He will do it”, word of Zidane .

 Benzema, during a match with Real Madrid.

Benzema, during a match with Real Madrid.




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