Cristiano, against Juanfran, in the first leg.

More than by the message, that too, Zidane surprised by the clarity. The French coach raised his voice (without shouting, of course, and without creating any controversy) to say something as unexpected as understandable. Real Madrid will not make the corridor to Barcelona if it happens that the Classic on May 6 (matchday 36 of the League) already arrives at FC Barcelona as a champion.

The traditions have been broken. Barcelona was 'loaded' with a code of honor last year and now Real Madrid returns the play . The Catalans refused to make the corridor to the whites this season and now Zidane is the leader of a current majority in the Real Madrid not to do to Barça what they did not do.

Let's get in situation. Barcelona – Real Madrid will be played on Sunday, May 6, on the penultimate day of the League. For Barça to reach that Classic as a mathematical champion (for example, win the tournament a week earlier in La Coruña), d must have nine points ahead of Atlético de Madrid and / or ten on Real Madrid. If these premises are fulfilled, Barça will be the champion and the whites, on day 36, will be the corridor.

Zidane confirms that Madrid will not make the hallway to Barça

But Zidane reacted a month before that Classic and the possibility of making the corridor (which is still not safe, the accounts mentioned above must be fulfilled) and he left everything very clear. “We are not going to do corridor, it's my decision,” said Zizou this Saturday. In fact, it is a response to the refusal of Barcelona, ​​on two occasions, to do it to Real Madrid. An eye for an eye

The corridor is a tradition established in Spanish football in the 70s, which is much less obligatory and is not written anywhere . It is done by respect to the champion. It was always seen as a way to congratulate with honors a team that has won a recent title whatever the competition. It has always been seen as something positive, but in recent times has been used to ridicule or insult. And that's why big rivals refuse to do it. Throughout history there are three precedents of corridors in a Classic: Barcelona made it to Madrid in 1988 and 2008 and whites did it to Barça in 1991.

However, this year the calendar was capricious and placed two Classics just after two Real Madrid titles. The first, in August, when the two great Spanish football played the Spanish Super Cup, being the first leg at the Camp Nou a week after the Zidane team won the European Super Cup against Manchester United. Barça did not do it then, like four months later, the case that unleashed all of this.

Cristiano, against Juanfran, in the first leg .


When Madrid won the Club World Cup, to Barcelona, ​​in the next match of the Whites (Liga at the Bernabéu), it was up to the world champion to make the runway, but the Catalans refused . They thus broke a tradition in Spanish football by claiming that they did not make the corridor to teams that won non-contesting contests. The problem of the Barça was that the hemeroteca condemned them, since they made themselves a corridor to Seville to win the UEFA (tournament in which they were not) and when the Catalans won the World Cup Clubs, their immediate rivals did it : in 2009 Villarreal and in 2015 Real Betis. The Catalan club did not wield then that having not played Villarreal and Betis that the competition that won did not make them corridor

That Barcelona made the corridor to Madrid after the Club World Cup was not a white whim, but the continuation of what was always done. Just as they honored Barcelona when they deserved it, other teams also made the corridor to Madrid after winning a tournament in which those clubs did not participate . Never before has anyone ever wielded the argument (otherwise lawful) that by not participating in that competition gives you the option (and the ugly detail) not to honor the champion.

The most bland derby in years

And why does this controversy arise now? Because a victory of Real Madrid at Atlético de Madrid in Madrid's derby this Sunday (4:15 p.m.) makes it easier for Barcelona to become champion and, therefore, that in the Classic of May 6 (which will be just after the Champions League semifinal tie, where there may be a Barcelona-Madrid) there is nothing at stake. In summary, a victory by Zidane to those of Simeone benefits those of Valverde.

 Griezmann, smiling, in the last training of Atlético de Madrid before the derby.

Griezmann, smiling, in the last training of Atlético de Madrid before the derby.


The derby is in the background among so many other news more important than a decaffeinated party for its low qualifying value . The only thing that is decided is who will be second in a League in which it does not matter to be second to third because the goal of both clubs should be to win the title. Now Real Madrid is four points behind Atletico, but that hardly matters.

Both clubs are more pending because it is more important, of their European commitments of Champions League and Europa League qualifiers that they have on track after winning 0-3 in Turin and 2-0 at Sporting Portugal respectively. Both these duels and those that will come later (semifinal and, in the best of cases, final) are more present than the Madrid derby.

Therefore there will be news of the beginning. For example, he will play Bale which did not heat up against Juventus, and Asensio, who came out in the second half in Turin. The injury of Nacho opens the door to Vallejo in every account that Varane has discomfort and that to force him does not make sense to be sanctioned Ramos ] in Champions, so only the Frenchman and Vallejo himself are available for the second leg in the Champions League. Cristiano could park the break and thus play against one of the teams that have scored the most goals.

 Zidane, along with Cristiano, in Real Madrid training on Saturday

Zidane, along with Cristiano, in the Real Madrid training this Saturday.


At Atletico not so many rotations are expected and Griezmann already key last year, and Costa who returns to the Bernabéu with the red and white shirt, will be the threat of a team that has completely changed the history of the league derbies. Players like Koke, Saúl or Gabi can also start from an insipid derby, without the nervousness and excitement of other seasons.

Four years at Atlético de Madrid without losing in Liga at the Bernabéu , which are also the same years that Real Madrid has consecutively eliminated Atlético de la Champions (two finals, a semifinal and some quarters). The derbies have changed a lot. So much that they hardly decide anything, like the one on this Sunday



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