I feel happy at the mistake Zidane makes when he announces that Madrid will not make a hall for Barça if the next Classic is played with Valverde's team already proclaimed champion.

Rejoice at the error, yes. There are errors that can be identified as such without diminishing the enjoyment that they administer to the observers. I, as a Madridista, had resigned myself to the corridor, which seemed almost inevitable for the sake of sportsmanship and tradition, but now I can not help receiving this news as an amusingly subversive surprise. Forrest Gump said that life is a box of chocolates and you never know what will be next. Zizou has opened the box and the Madridista now tastes a chocolate filled with a forbidden liquor, which is as it is known the most liked little to accompany the sweetness.

Zidane has cited in the bienquedismo for perplexity of own and strangers, although nothing should surprise so much if one takes into account the management of said variable that shows the Barcelona, ​​the news being that Zidane, who had never before pronounced on the matter, has implicitly admitted to deplore the hypocrisy and the dirty calculation with which Barcelona handles its much vaunted 'valors'. Neither the correction nor the lordship are absolute principles that should be analyzed outside the global picture, in which the institution ruled by Bartomeu comes out with horns and unshaven.

Zidane is that exemplary man who twice in life surprises the world with an inappropriate rapture. The first time rammed the chest of Materazzi and now has done the same with that falsity so quintessentially Blaugrana from which it can be released with the very serious face that we do not make Madrid hall because that is another competition that we have not played

– Ya, listen, but there are precedents of corridors made before league games on account of the achievement of other trophies. There is jurisprudence, as it were.

– It was another competition, repeated the voice, probably canned, without the media ever objecting to the weak argument. Yes they will challenge in return, and until the delirium, the reasons of Zidane, well brought in memory of the last World-wide one of clubs and the lack of corridor of the Barça in the following Classic. “They broke the tradition.” There are as many reasons to make the corridor to Barcelona as there were to refrain from releasing a headbutt at Materazzi, and yet it is difficult to escape the certainty that any breach of the rules by a full man must be based on indisputable foundations. What Zidane says, of whom we now also know what he said in private about something he never thought about in public. Zidane heard Guillermo Amor say what the “other competition”, fell silent and took note. Now he passes the bill to the collection, and he does very badly but he does very well.

Zidane, in a model way, displaying no small courage, has assumed full responsibility for the decision. It does not take a genius to know what is going to happen now. The press will desperately seek the opinion of Real Madrid players who in some way disavow their coach, and it would not be surprising if they succeeded, first because the decision of the French is debatable, and then because the press is very scary. It is sensitive material this hall, material susceptible to muddy the environment of the Red, curse.

I do not care what the Madrid players think of the selection. For my part, I have decided to condemn this Zidane attack against the customs and customs, the Hammurabi Code and the democracy that we have all given. Nobody will hear the hoarse and choking laughter that will bubble inside while I condemn him, and if someone does, I'll apologize at the same point as a perfect culé would do. [19659000]


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