The penalty kicked in the last minute in favor of Real Madrid, in the quarterfinal match of the Champions League between “the meringues” and Juventus continues to generate repercussions. And it is now the coach of the Spaniards, Zinedine Zidane, who said he is outraged when they talk about the criminal was a robbery.

“Everyone can say if there is a criminal or not, I will not argue, but I am outraged when people talk about theft. What we are doing bothers a lot of people and this we can not change.” I am going to defend mine, that they have played a huge game and we certainly deserved to pass “Zizou assured.

Zidane also admitted that Real Madrid's success generates envy assuring that “there are antimadridistas and nobody is going to change them, we have to continue with what we are doing, the history of this club nobody is going to change it. It is the best club in the world and when you are the best, you create a little envy. “



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