<pre>Zidane takes revenge on Barcelona:

In the absence of emotion in the fight for the league title (Barcelona takes nine points to Atletico Madrid and 13 to Real Madrid when there are only eight days, 24 points, to be played), the morbid is in the possible corridor that the white team had to do to the Catalan team on the penultimate day of the League . For this, the club should reach that date (May 6) with at least nine points ahead of the second classified.

However, and when you start talking about this situation, Zinedine Zidane has the debate has been stopped . The French, more forceful than normal, has ensured that his team is not going to make the corridor to Barcelona . So clear. “We are not going to make a corridor, it's my decision” Zidane explained at the press conference prior to the derby against Atlético de Madrid this Sunday (4:15 p.m.). “ The answer is very clear and I do not have to talk more about this topic” added the Real Madrid coach

In the explanation of this refusal to make the corridor to Barcelona is pay with the same currency to the Catalan club. Barcelona did not make the corridor to Madrid or in the Spanish Super Cup when the Whites came from winning the European Supercup, or in the last League match when the Zidane team had just won the Club World Cup. “Barça broke that tradition,” he said.

In addition, and already on the Madrid derby this Sunday, Zidane commented that “we are going to have a very good team, defensively and offensively” and added that “it is our obligation, to give the maximum in each game and to cut the maximum points, we must always show that we want to to win, to be competitive, to score points. “

About Bale Zidane explained that “Regardless of how we finish the season, Bale is a Madrid player and will stay . It is my feeling. Then, as always, I do not know what will happen to me and the players. “



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