The French coach said that the fee is already there and they reached the classification.

In addition, he referred to Guardiola's complaint about the expulsion of Arturo Vidal last year.

Zinedine Zidane coach of Real Madrid was forceful when evaluating the penalty charged in favor of his team and that eliminated Juventus from the quarterfinals ] of the Champions League

There's a penalty, they told me there's a penalty, I did not see it . anyway, the referee whistled and we can not change it, but I think there's penal If there is a penalty, there is a penalty and that's it, now we do not have to talk, we passed, “he declared.

We are in the semifinals . party and us, regular . We believed until the end and I believe that within the two games we deserved the pass .We are happy. “

He also referred to the words of ] Josep Guardiola of this Tuesday, in which he recalled that in the Champions League arbitration errors are key [19459] 006] and that Real Madrid last season helped with the expulsion of Arturo Vidal when he faced Bayern Munich .

I'm not interested in what Guardiola says. He talks to me about one thing from last year. Am I going to answer him for what he said? They are the referees, sometimes for and sometimes against and we have to keep quiet. I'm never going to mess with the referees and I've had chances to do it . I never get involved. Today, it was criminal. From today I speak and in the end we passed. “

He also spoke about the cold blood of Cristiano Ronaldo who had to put up with six minutes to throw the shot that gave the pass to Real Madrid: “ He's used to that. In the end he gets it, it's done and we go home with the victory



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