Zinedine Zidane, coach of Real Madrid, assured that his rival in the semifinals of the Champions League, Bayern Munich, “is better this year”, admitted that he will have desire for revenge after two consecutive eliminations against the Madrid side and said he sees the tie without a favorite.

In addition, when asked by Benatia's penlati on Lucas Vázquez he added: “When the people talk about theft … in the end what we are doing bothers a lot of people, we can not change it, I am going to defend my people, we deserved to pass, people think and I do not answer (…) People say it was a robbery … I'm outraged at that, there are antimadridistas nobody is going to change it. ”

“They are better than last year, they are showing it every day, they are very solid, they are a team that does not get many goals, they have a very good game, they are in good performance dynamics and they are a great club. Bayern is always there for big dates, I do not like to talk about rematches, I do not think about the past only in the present and the future, “he told a news conference.

For Zidane is a semifinal full of equality. “We have no advantage of anything, we are in the semifinals and we are going to play against a very good team, if there is one, it's going to play there and return to our home, but it's fifty percent.”

Asked by the Colombian James Rodríguez, who left on loan to Bayern after not counting for Zidane, the Real Madrid coach extended the danger of his rival to the whole bloc. “Like all players of Bayern I'm sure James is a good player who is doing a good season, he's one more team-level,” he said.

Zidane ended up highlighting the character fighter of Bayern . “I think they will have it (desire for revenge). It's a team that is better this year, it competes very well, as a club we know who it is and as a team it competes without stopping and it's going to make it very difficult for us Maybe more than ever this year, for sure. “


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