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Planet football is paralyzed this Saturday with the celebration of the final of the Champions League between Real Madrid and Liverpool, and from EL ESPAÑOL we encourage you to live the most important game of the season well prepared not to lose detail: do not miss anything to see how the white team fights for its European Cup number 13. We propose such a number of articles for you to become the best amateur. Do not miss them!

Let's pay attention to the topics of football: there is no small rival, they are eleven against eleven … and the match, better with friends and cold beer . To do this, we suggest that you collect and have at hand this cooler bottle bucket. Do not waste a second coming and going to the fridge:

And if you do not know what to do with the drink or just want to release your hands to applaud, gesticulate or become Zidane and give orders to the players through television, equip yourself with this special helmet with which you will not lack supplies.

You will have to look at the post-match data but a Champions final is supposed to be one of the nights when more pizza is requested from homes. If this is your case, do not leave anything to chance and have the finest cutter ready (and sharpened) to make a fair, fast and perfect distribution.

In soccer there are two teams; at the table, maybe also: if instead of pizza you're from popcorn, there's good news: this themed popcorn with the shape of a ball and with which to have in just minutes something to put in your mouth, if the goals allow you, of course.

We assume that you will wear the Real Madrid jersey, but if this is not the case, we will give you a shot last chance to wear the colors of your idols: for all sizes and with all possible personalization options, so that the victory is a bit more yours, if possible. If you are from Liverpool, you also have a choice.

A classic: the scarf. The most essential article without a doubt, and the one that offers the most variety. We propose a sober design, with the colors of the team, and at a good price.

Nerves are one of the worst things to wear in the hours before the game. That's why, and to be open-mouthed, what better than to simulate the final in a table football . This one that we present to you is ideal: it occupies little, it is economical and you can use it much beyond this Saturday. An ideal gift for any football fan, not just Madridistas.

During the final each one carries the tension as it can: from the screamer who censures each wrong move to the enthusiast who animates as if each move was not the last. For those who are not so expressive, how about an anti-stress ball? We propose you one that, in addition to your football spirit, will hold this final … and those who come .

We assume that there will be times when nerves, goals or tension lift you from the sofa. We put it a bit more difficult, because of how comfortable it is going to feel, with this ball puff that will allow a more relaxed contemplation of the most important game of the year.

We all hope that Real Madrid I win. If so, Cibeles will be refilled with white to receive the heroes. It will be important to make noise, so do not forget the horn …

… let alone the cup. How about mounting a trophy room in your home to suit you? Nothing better to do with a replica of the Champions League, to give shine to the showcase of the club … and your living room .

Children tend to be the ones who most enjoy these successes. With the dreams of one day becoming Cristiano Ronaldo, Kroos or Sergio Ramos the more they go to bed every night excited about it. This mural allows them to open a window to the Bernabéu from their room.

It is common to see on the internet the following day how the Real Madrid players celebrate the goals by means of a recording of their reactions during the game . If you want to do the same or even for personal remembrance, we recommend this full HD webcam with which to immortalize the moments of which (hopefully) is the 13th Madridista Champions League.

'13 articles to enjoy the Champions League final. of Real Madrid for less than 90 euros' is a content produced by Marcas Ñ, the Branded Content section of El Español. The prices of the articles that appear here are collected to May 22, 2018.




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