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When in mid-December the draw for the knockout rounds of the Champions League brought a Real Madrid – PSG, with the return to the Parc des Princes, many fans, the antimadridista part of Spain, rubbed their hands . And more excited when a month after the Leganés eliminated, at the Bernabéu, whites in quarterfinals of Copa del Rey.

Antimadridism then dreamed of finally singing the defeat of the whites, that is, celebrating their main victory of the year . There is a large sector of the antimadridist movement, as licit and respectable as the Madridista, who lives more for the Madrid disaster than for the successes of his team, if they had one. And it is normal, it enters into the rivalry in the world of football.

Real Madrid enlarges its legend with its third consecutive Champions League

After years in which they have had to support a very winning team (in 2017 they won five titles, League double and Champions included), 2018 walked to be a disastrous year for Madrid. Having so few options in the league and a bad Cup progressed that it would not be an easy year for whites. But no, it will not be this season either in which the critics with this project can jump of happiness.

Real Madrid was proclaimed champion of Europe for the 13th time and gave the overturn completely to the course. The brilliant victory against Liverpool, with another work of art (the Chilean of Bale) to frame and save in history, complete a cycle that does not expire . Four European Cups in five years, three consecutive. An almost insulting domain for the other rivals.

Cristiano Ronaldo with his fifth Champions League.

Win a Champions, you will understand, is the greatest a club can do. It was reflected by a legend of Barcelona such as Carles Puyol, who ended up recognizing reality. “We have to reflect on the priorities” commented the eternal captain Culé. And there lies one of the great bad news of antimadridism. Winning the League has a lot of merit, the Cup (a trophy that Barça has won the last four editions) too, but like the Champions there is nothing. And that is the priority of which Puyol speaks. This Madrid will go down in history. In the next 50 years, the team headed by Zidane will be remembered, not Barca de Messi (yes Messi).

But not only the title has deranged the antimadridistas. The simple fact of seeing this event compete, of eliminating the greats of Europe when everyone gave him for dead, has already advanced what is now seen. The critics to Real Madrid put on a band-aid that after a little was worth, but that tried to mitigate what happened this Saturday. And is that this team already had a champion's poster every Wednesday of the months of April and May. He won and his critics, seeing him coming, began to make excuses.

 Sergio Ramos, with the European Cup.

Sergio Ramos, with the European Cup.


This Champions has been the one of the many excuses. Some spoke of referees, others of the low level of the rivals, others of the bad goalkeepers that had Bayern and Liverpool, another of the badly called 'flower' … So it was going away removing merits to a very difficult European Cup in which eliminated the champion of France, Germany and Italy and the team that fell to the champion of England. An excellent Champions to which there is no argument that can minimize it.

Because the critics of Real Madrid always waited for the error, they always believed that defeat would ever come . With the PSG they rubbed their hands because the French team was devastating in their country and Madrid in the doldrums in Spain. They won those of Zidane in the Bernabéu and in the Park of the Princes. Later with Juventus came the famous penalty and there diluted the hopes of elimination. The same happened with Bayern, who was very close to passing … but failed.

 Gareth Bale, great figure in the Champions League final.

Gareth Bale, great figure in the Champions League final.


In the year in which it seemed that Madrid would sink, it would have to change the project, dismiss Zidane, the Whites ended up winning the Champions League, completely burying the League and Cup and the Europa League his eternal rivals. And they did it when they were most taken for dead hence their success and the frustration of their rivals.

What else has Real Madrid to do? They are three European Cups in two and a half years of Zidane's term, unthinkable in modern football. Perhaps antimadridistas must learn to live with it . They will have their moment, because it seems impossible that every year there is a Champions League, but they know that they can never take for granted the death of an eternal team, the best in history.

 Zidane, with Casemiro.

Zidane , with Casemiro.


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