Gareth Bale.

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“And what do we do now with Bale? The same after this great goal we have to keep holding him. “

(Madridista with mustache, Kiev Airport, 3 AM, 05.27.18.)

Of all the unacceptable things with which Gareth Bale has put to the test infinite patience of Madrid since five quinquennial years came to the club (among which are aberrations like playing golf, being shy, speaking bad Spanish and playing with the club's assets based on injury with treachery), perhaps the goal stratospheric with which he decided on Saturday a Champions League Final is the most intolerable of all.

They were in the eighties when Beenhakker left on the bench to Butragueño in a European Cup match. The move, risky, went well, so the Dutch coach expected to receive the congratulations of President Mendoza when he called his office. Nothing further from reality.

-Leo, do you know what you did yesterday?

-Yes, president. Eliminate the champion of Europe.

-No. Questioning an asset of the club making him a substitute.

Three decades later, Real Madrid has called Gareth Bale, who has come thinking (he will always be a candid soul) who has been required to receive gratitude and congratulations. Not much less.

-Gareth, do you know what you did on Saturday?

-I think so. Deciding a Champions League Final with the best goal I have scored in my career and, perhaps, with the best goal ever scored in a Champions Final.

-Te equivoca. What you did on Saturday is to question what Manolo Lama does when he calls you “the Coletas” contemptuously, and I do not know if you know that here at the word of Manolo Lama we cross ourselves and follow him. What you did on Saturday is propitiate in our souls a hint of indulgence in the face of your continuous injuries, with which once again you offend us. What you did on Saturday is to face the temptation to forgive you for not having signed in the office the day of Leganés or Espanyol because you were injured, trying to apologize at the last minute with a nice goal, yes, important if you want, but at the last minute, like the bad students. Anyway. Luckily in the Premier, incomprehensibly, you still have a good sign and you will leave us fifty million more in the box.

Unlike what happens in the Premier, where they are all imbeciles, Bale has never had a good sign in the pipero Madrid , which is the one that fills the Bernabéu on Sundays with its infinite wisdom and those fucking who have done so great to the club thrown from the stands on the players themselves. That tier does not take well job absences, either by soleus or whatever. If the guiri does not want to play against Getafe on his own (see muscle break), at least take it as a vacation day, have seen. The member pays his quota religiously and that, just as it entitles him to take a photo with Cristiano Ronaldo when it comes out of the balls (as it was heard in a Madrid Assembly), gives him the right to also demand that Gareth Bale not never injure yourself After not come to try to compensate with Chilenitas that give us the Thirteen or races to glory in Mestalla or with goals in the extension that give us the Tenth or with penalties thrown to the lame leg that give us the Eleventh. Here the law of the chupatintas reigns: we must work every day without missing one so that when we have fifteen years in the club they give us a plaque to the model employee, in addition to a diploma given by Tomás Roncero. Here, glory does not matter; it matters that you never miss it under the flexo.

After the Kiev Final, Gareth Bale made some deeply inopportune statements. It was his first public lack of exemplariness in five years, and the bureaucrats have rushed to be filled with reasons. He plays golf, he is shy, he speaks bad Spanish, he offends us with his injuries and he is characterized by slitting before the press.

I have Florentino Pérez as far as a bureaucrat who exists. I have him, in the best of senses, by a salesman and a dream seeker. Gareth Bale has contributed decisively to get at least 3 of the 4 most important dreams in which he has participated. Madrid does not need at all the hundred or one hundred and fifty million that the market would give for Bale. If Bale can not be the flagship because of his injuries, I ask him to sign another flagship and do his best to keep Bale in another role.

Florentino, do not get carried away by the bureaucrats.




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