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It was not the day, nor the game, nor even the time. Saturday, good weather, people on the street. In short, difficult to claim any interest – beyond that of the Chinese community, always pending the last Spanish day-. Therefore, what he did Madrid for much of the game has much merit. Yes, we are not bluffing. To appear against the Villarreal with such seriousness with a final of the Champions in just a week is to praise – beyond the final pájara-. And a lot. The viewer-at least, the little that was pending-should thank him. And Zidane why deceive us, I would have to be happy. His, a week to make an assault on history, are plugged. Even Bale with half a ticket bought to leave this summer, behaved correctly: he scored, played well and ran for the eleven in Kiev [narración y estadísticas: 2-2].

But the seriousness of Madrid was not circumstantial. The messages are often sent from the dressing room. And Zidane sent one with its alignment-a possible eleven holder similar (or equal) to that of Kiev -. Only Luca his son, stood out among the everyday names. Nobody else. And the truth is that it fulfilled. He even left a snapshot for posterity! A stop in a foul shot by Sansone that cleared with elegance and correction. He finished his performance with a note and, indirectly, claimed a certain condescension with the future in the goal. He is there. And, perhaps, why not, it can be the substitute of Keylor Navas in a couple of years. Yes, even after conceding that goal of Roger Martínez in the second half (a direct shot to the impossible squad for any goalkeeper) or after the final goal of Castillejo .

But that, we say, is just the anecdotal of a very correct day of Madrid which met in the first half and appeared somewhat more apathetic in the second. In any case, more than enough to be in the last day of League and with that final of the Champions ahead. Thus, the team of Zidane jumped serious to the field to get ahead in the first minutes. The whites take a quick off and Bale does the rest: good maneuver and perfect definition. A full-fledged message for Zidane here I am in case you need me. And then you will see if it leaves in the summer or not. The important thing, right now, is that he is available to play in Kiev . And in good shape!

But he was not going to be the only one who gave his face. Minutes later, Marcelo with a beautiful center with the outside, was left in the head to Cristiano Ronaldo to do the second. Madrid was growing and could go with more advantage to the tunnel of changing rooms in a counter that Isco did not succeed to finish. Does not matter. The team of Zidane went to the locker room to complete his duties. But in the second, yes, the piston came down. And he paid it. Roger Martínez and Castillejo put the tables on the scoreboard. He could change the score Benzema who had up to two occasions. But none was inside. The match capitulated with a draw that serves as proof of what should be done Madrid in Kiev (with a good first part) and what should not happen (that second half) . The rest matters little. We already said it: it was neither the party, nor the time, nor even the day.




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