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Reflection of his best times in the Champions, with the Franco present. And without counting, of course, the mess of “La vida sigue igual”, with Julio Iglesias

La saeta rubia ( 1956. Javier Setó ) A group of delinquent children simulates an outrage to steal a wallet, which turns out to be Alfredo Di Stéfano, the great “merengue” figure of those years. Upon learning to decide to return it and a friendship arises that results in the formation of a football team. In the hard years of the Franco regime, the moral message is, at least, doubtful.

The Battle of Sunday ( 1963. Luis Marquina ) An American screenwriter wants to make a film about Di Stéfano, making him a sort of superhero. The Argentine, with ease the best player in Europe at the time, rejects the script and asks to show it as it is. The cameras, then, are dedicated to following him in his daily life, with a touch of humor.

Three of the Red Cross ( 1961. Fernando Palacios ) Three poor friends, but fanatical fans of the best Real Madrid in history, discover that the The way to enter the Bernabéu free is to enter the Red Cross, without humanitarian worries, but simply football fans. In the end, of course, they end up embracing the cause as much as Puskas.

The goalkeeper ( 2000. Gonzalo Suárez ) A former Real Madrid goalkeeper walks through the towns of Spain in the Civil War with a circus show, where he saves penalties to survive. He falls in love with a young woman, but he will be trapped by a challenge from the head of the Civil Guard, which will force him, without wanting to, to take sides in the war.

Goal 2 ( 2007. Jaume Collet Serra ) A Mexican immigrant has already made the great leap from his father's gardening business to Newcastle. With a great start in the Premier, is hired by Real Madrid of the “Galacticos”, with Beckham, Zidane and company, where the task is twofold: do not clash on the court and not be carried away by night.




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