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Real Madrid coach, Zinedine Zidane insisted that he leads Olympique de Marseille in the heart so he wants the French club to win the Europa League in the final against Lyon in Atlético de Madrid

“I am and I have always been a follower of Olympique de Marseille,” the 45-year-old coach, who was born and raised in Marseille's La Castellane neighborhood, told UEFA's official website.

“When I was young I went to Olympique matches, it's a club that I grew up with, so I wish you the best,” Zidane added, although never got to wear his colors on his stage as a player

The merengue coach assures that football is experienced in a very special way in the city of Atlético de Madrid's next rival. “To dispute this final is incredible for Marseille and for the club, but above all for the city because it needs to live this kind of emotions, it's a football city so I hope the team plays well”, he concluded.




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