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Jesús Mateos enjoyed going to the radio, talking about his Madrid about his Numancia and about his things. In Soria he was well known. He was the voice of the gatherings, he was a renowned innkeeper and was the first president of the Real Madrid club. He was, therefore, a beloved guy. “Very friendly”, acknowledge his closest friends in Soria Noticias . Football was his vice and to speak of him his downfall. For that reason, his death this Saturday has left all his companions of 'farra' touched. The Thirteenth did not know the same as the other 12 that could see with their fellow countryman.

“Not everything was good news”, brandished the Facebook of the Madrid fan club on Sunday. The consternation among many of them is total. Jesús Mateos saw the game, as always, with his teammates. It was to go to see the final of the Champions between Madrid and Liverpool (3-1). He left home, went to his usual place of pilgrimage and saw the first half, which in football ended 0-0, but with many surprises, as the respective injuries of Salah and Carvajal.

Jesus, aged 71, said he felt indisposed and left the premises. He was treated by the emergency services, who tried to save his life. They could not do it. The first president of the Soria madridista club died at 22:30 hours, with the confirmation of the judicial authority. Everything attends that the reason for the death was a heart attack, but the reason has not been made official.

At that time, Madrid had already proclaimed European champion. Benzema took advantage of a failure of Karius to score the first goal, but he found the answer of Mané which matched the match. Then, Zidane made changes and the play went well. Bale who had entered to replace Isco left a Chilean for the story in the second goal and generated the third with a shot that the goalkeeper of Liverpool it was 'swallowed' again

Just at that moment, in full celebration, many of Jesus' companions learned of the fatal outcome. “A stick” in full rule, as picked up Soria Noticias. The best night of the year in football became bittersweet for all of them, who conveyed their condolences on social networks. “He was someone endearing”, he has maintained his passion “to the end” … Surely, Jesus enjoyed the Thirteenth from heaven. Rest in peace.




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