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The Hearing of Madrid has indicated for this Monday next the trial to the ex-president of Real Madrid Lorenzo Sanz for whom the Prosecutor's Office asks in its provisional conclusions five years and six months in prison for hiding from the public treasury an income of close to six million euros . This view was postponed twice due to health reasons of Lorenzo Sanz, in March and September of last year.

The Public Ministry accuses him of two fiscal offenses related to the income tax of individuals ( IRPF) in the years of 2008 and 2009 for which he requests that he be sentenced to this penalty and the payment of a fine of three and a half million euros and one compensation to the Treasury of 1,224,823 in concept of civil liability .

In the indictment, the prosecutor makes clear that both Sanz and his wife obtained between 2009 and 2009 revenues of 5,968,975 euros ] “that, intentionally, were not declared in the IRPF to obtain an illicit tax benefit, which meant in total that the public Treasury stopped entering 1,244,823 euros.”

The prosecutor adds that It has been proven that Sanz's wife had iera decision-making capacity in the preparation of income declarations but “yes benefited by the concealment of income by her husband with whom she was married in a scheme of acquisitions”, so that asks to compensate to Hacienda jointly with him with half of the defrauded 622.411 euros.

According to the Prosecutor's Office, Sanz presented during the fiscal years 2008 and 2009 IRPF settlements under the form of joint taxation with his wife, “although it concealed in these declarations numerous rents”.

In particular, the Public Ministry describes three actions in the first of which accuses Sanz of not having declared to the treasury the yields of work resulting from the income obtained by the entity Nuada SA of which he was a joint administrator, and by the free transfer of a property of said company to the defendant and his wife who, in reality, d, constituted his habitual residence.

The prosecutor details that the obtained and undeclared income during 2008 and 2009 amounted to 465,371 euros. It adds that the second action refers to the undeclared capital gains obtained from the transmission in 2008 of 83 shares held by Sanz and his wife of the French entity Paradiso SR and of the transfer in 2009 of a home in Marbella (Málaga) owned by the second.

Revenues obtained in both operations and not declared were more than five million euros, according to the Prosecutor's Office. The third fraudulent operation attributed by the prosecutor to Sanz refers to an undeclared income of 251,000 euros that entered the bank's bank accounts through transfers and checks “whose origin has not been justified or credited by the Tax Agency responding to monetary dispositions or mercantile operations. “




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