Mauricio Pochettino es el principal candidato para suceder a Zidane según Marca

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The Spanish media Marca reported that the Argentine Mauricio Pochettino, today in Tottenham Hotspur is the main candidate to succeed Zinedine Zidane, who announced this Thursday its exit of Real Madrid.

The trans-Andean renewed last week in the English set, “ but he did it with a condition that was not another to be free in case Real Madrid called him and that can happen in the next few hours. “

For the publication, admittedly a supporter of the” meringues “,” the Argentine is the favorite to occupy the position of the Frenchman. “

” The Mauricio Pochettino is most liked. Moreover, in close circles, the president and José Ángel Sánchez repeated on more than one occasion that the Argentine would finish directing Real Madrid sooner or later. “




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