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The Real Madrid and FC Barcelona would be first and second, respectively, in a supposed league on the prices of the houses located in the vicinity of their stadiums, while the Real Sociedad y Athletic Bilbao would be placed in the third and fourth place, according to a study by Tecnitasa that analyzes the prices of homes near the football stadiums of the first division.

In particular, the houses next to ] Santiago Bernabéu show an average price of 4,800 euros per square meter, compared to 4,000 euros per square meter for properties located near the Camp Nou.

In the case of San Sebastián ( Real Sociedad) the average price per square meter near the houses near the Anoeta stadium reaches 3,668 euros, above the 2,995 euros per square meter of the houses near the stadium of the Ath letic de Bilbao.

Villarreal “would go down” to second division

In this way, in this probable 'league of the price of the housing' the positions of Champions League would relay in Real Madrid, Barça, Real Sociedad and Athletic Club unlike the league's actual classification, where the two Basque teams will not play Champions League.

The Europa League in this classification of housing prices would be for Atlético de Madrid and Alavés . The new location of the rojiblancos stadium, in the Barrio de San Blas, would place them in the fifth position of this hypothetical league, with 2,700 euros per square meter. The sixth place is taken by Alavés, with an average price of the homes next to its stadium of 2,625 euros per square meter.

Valencia FC, which has finished the league in Champions positions, would occupy ninth place in the 'league of the price of the housing', with 2,200 euros per square meter, while the Villarreal, in positions of Europa League in the league this year, would fall to the second division to be placed in this classification of housing prices in last position, with 700 euros per square meter.




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