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Real Madrid will not win this League, went to the Camp Nou with the tournament already lost, but showed the world what its true level and also which is the one of this league. Barcelona, ​​the double team, was left solely at the mercy of what the Zidane team did. The League and Cup champion was clearly inferior to the Champions finalist. And that indicates many things. [Narración y estadísticas: Barcelona 2-2 Real Madrid]

The summary of the Classic was to see a Barcelona in need of what it did not do in the last ten years (fouls, losses of time, no ball in the feet) to stop the impetus of a Madrid that was better than the Barca. Pretty good. And, with much merit, the whites overcame everything: to a first culé goal (from Suarez, minute 10), to another that was 2-1 (from Messi, 52 ') and especially to an arbitration that he penalized him to the maximum . Hernández Hernández, with a history behind, returned to favor Barcelona.

What Madrid did, in fact, was survive a match in which he had more to lose (injuries) than to win. The hardness of an unrecognizable Barça more focused on 'messing up' the game than on playing the ball, left on the way to Cristiano, injured (slight) by a hit by Piqué just at the moment in which it marked the tie of Madrid (14 '). The image of Messi going for the ankle of Sergio Ramos can go after Barcelona.

It is impossible not to mention the referee. Impossible. Because the result is clearly influenced by what he did Hernández Hernández the best collegiate of Spain, according to the Federation and his henchman Victoriano Sánchez Arminio. The referee did not hit on anything. A double criterion alarming at the time of drawing cards, a red for double yellow, forgiven Bal e, another to Jordi Alba, a Messi goal preceded by a lack of clamor from Suárez to Varane and a clamorous penalty from Jordi Alba to Marcelo . In the only thing that was right was in the expulsion to Sergi Roberto who hit a punch to Marcelo at the time of most frustration of Barcelona. It would have been scandalous that I would not have given justice there either.

The two key plays were the absence of Suarez to Varane in the 2-1 and the penalty to Marcelo. If the referee gives justice, the second goal azulgrana never had arrived and, in case of writing down the penalty, the Madrid would have gained until with comfort (1-3). Both moves do not admit the excuse that it takes one or ten repetitions to judge whether it was one thing or another. It was clearly seen the first time, have the eyes you have. He saw him until Columbus from his statue on the other side of Barcelona

Barcelona came out in the first half, contrary to what they had promulgated from the stands. The club took out a mosaic that read 'La pilota ens fa més' ('The ball makes us more') and 'pilota' there was little. Unlike. Barcelona had certain actions that exceeded strength. For example, one of Messi to Sergio Ramos where the Argentine went directly to the ankle of the captain of Real Madrid. Before, in the white goal, Piqué had hooked Cristiano, which forced the Portuguese had to be changed.

Madrid's bath to Barça in the first half was clear. Also in the last half hour of the match. In general, it was a review, a wiggle. He scored first Suarez, then tied Cristiano, in an excellent reaction of the targets and Ronaldo himself failed two other clear occasions. Before the break, Sergi Roberto was sent off when he attacked Marcelo.

Real Madrid, perhaps accustomed to playing with one less against Barcelona, ​​did not know how to play with one more against the Catalans. S was left without a Christian and, despite having one more player, it was diluted. It was as if he lacked the strength that the Portuguese brings. And that took advantage of Barcelona, ​​marking the 2-1 of the boots of a Messi that penalties appeared in the duel. The goal, as we say, was preceded by a clear lack of Luis Suárez Varane, who dragged his leg that of Varane and prevented the French to follow him in the race.

Once again Madrid showed pride and tied Bale, in a goal with a thread that if it will not save him from the burn, at least he will give him a beautiful goodbye. With Barça locked in their area, letting pass the minutes and keeping the undefeated in the league (still not lost), the inconsequential Classic in the standings was vibrant in the game. He also gave the sauce a lousy arbitration that hurt (and a lot) to Real Madrid.




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