<pre>Real Madrid qualify for the Champions League final for the third consecutive year

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Real Madrid, in the European Cup, is indestructible. And it is because of a tireless desire to win, that does not end even when it seems that a cycle has ended. Win, win and win. Either way, in any circumstance. And it is also to overcome. Yesterday, today and also tomorrow. And for knowing how to suffer. The whites, again in the Champions final. Three consecutive. Four in five years. Legendary. Spectacular.

And the three with Zidane, with Cristiano, with Ramos, with Modric, with Marcelo, with Kroos … and with Benzema, members of an unforgettable team, which seriously threatens to equal the Madrid of the 50s , the best in the history of football. We must highlight the French striker because his party, like football, can be worth continuity in the season in which worse was. But it appeared (and in what way!) In the most important meeting of the course.

Real Madrid makes its routine impossible. That's why it's so big and that's why it has so many European Cups on its shield. It is football in all its expression: goals, competitiveness, endurance, suffering overcome and overcoming. Bayern has gone back in the two games of this tie. Bayern, the colossus of Europe. Before, he also eliminated Juventus and PSG. A perfect Champions in which he has suffered a lot. Perhaps this gives it more value.

Real Madrid is in Kiev (the final is on Saturday, May 26) thanks to their resistance. Also to his head. When the ghosts of Juventus appeared (Kimmich scored in the 3 rd minute), Madrid scared them calmly. He had many bewilderments in defense, but he was able to control the impulses. After eight minutes of the German goal, Madrid answered. With the head of Benzema.

The Frenchman, who played almost out of obligation, by delaying Zidane Lucas to the side, claimed in the most beautiful way, in a Champions semifinals, the same round in which he invented the play in the Calderón or in which he scored for Bayern in 2014. Two key goals, saviors and vitals. The first, in a header at the far post after an exquisite pass from Marcelo.

And the second, the one that marked the tie, in a horrible failure of Ulreich, the Bayern goalkeeper who is no longer at half level that showed Neuer (injured all year), but is years light of the first European level. Soccer is that, failures and successes. And moments, because this happened in the minute 1 of the second part. Rest salts and a rude mistake from your goalkeeper changes everything.

James tied at 66 ', asking the Colombian for forgiveness to a Bernabéu who had nothing left but suffering and suffering. 25 agonizing minutes in which he approached the goal in some moments but also saw the elimination close. The Bayern squeezed a lot, competing to the fullest. Equal this Bayern de Heynckes that the one of Guardiola or Ancelotti. But the Germans did not come to the comeback. And the Bernabéu exploded with happiness.

Madrid, yes, again in a European Cup final. And now it's time to win it, like in 1998, in 2000, in 2002, in 2014, in 2016 and in 2017. The list of golden years is getting longer. Since 1981 he has not lost one. It was against Liverpool, the team that can now be their rival in the next May 26 in Kiev. The English will have to close their pass this Wednesday in Rome. The Spaniards, on the other hand, already have it.

Real Madrid and the European Cup. It was already sung by a universal Madridista: life is the same. And there is no one to change it.



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