<pre>Real Madrid would eliminate Bayern in the 'semis' of the financial Champions

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Real Madrid and Bayern Munich will be on the table at the Santiago Bernabéu to fight for one of the places in the final of the Champions League this year. This duel has become almost a derby of Europe. Goals, controversy, excitement or stolen players are some of the spicy ingredients that this classic seasoned every year.

But in addition to football rivalry these two giants also fight for economic European hegemony. According to the report presented last January by Deloitte that analyzes the capacity of the clubs to generate income from the emission rights to the commercial activities and the actions that they generate during match days, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich are listed as two of the four clubs that pocket more money in their bank account.

Despite what you may think, neither Real Madrid nor Barcelona are the two richest teams in Europe. Neither is Bayern. Manchester United, despite not living its best days, still looking in the rearview mirror at these three giants. Therefore, the club of the Castellana enters 674 million euros two million less than the 'reds evils'. For its part, the Bavarian club has to 'settle' with the fourth place with 587 million euros.

The Champions is a mine

These figures will be increased, surely, by the role they are playing in the highest European competition at the club level. UEFA is very generous with the amounts to be distributed during the competition. Thus, the maximum football body rewards with 12.7 million euros to each team participating in the Champions and after this payment the competition rewards for each milestone achieved, according to their data published at the beginning of the season. The victories in the achieved phase have been rewarded with 1.5 million euros and the ties with 0.5 million. The eliminatory ones are awarded: eighth of end (6 million), quarter-final (6.5 million euros) and semifinals (7.5 million euros).

Press conference of Zidane before Real Madrid – Bayern de Munich

Therefore, a victory of one team or another and the move to the final can be almost 9 'kilos'. Real Madrid has accumulated more than 47 million euros while Bayern has a total of 42 million euros.

Bayern wins Real Madrid in commercial revenue

Bayern Munich , which was defeated by Real Madrid in the quarterfinals of the last Champions League, a small thorn could be taken out on the economic plot. The German club generated more business income than its intimate enemy. According to Deloitte, in the section of advertising agreements and sponsorships, the Bavarian squad obtained a total of 343 million euros which represents 58% of the total money generated.

Meanwhile, the ] Real Madrid reached 301 million euros . Of the 674 million that it generated, 45% belongs to agreements with multinational sponsors.

Television and match day is a white thing

In the other two divisions that Deloitte does in its study, the Real Madrid also beat Bayern Munich. Regarding television rights, the Spanish club is well above Bayern Munich since it won 90 million euros more during the last campaign. Whites entered 236 million against the 146 of Bayern.

As for 'match day', a scale that measures the impact during game days and that takes variables such as official store collections, season tickets or tickets , Real Madrid also beat Bayern Munich . The club chaired by Florentino Perez managed to collect 136 'kilos' (20% of total revenues), while Bayern stayed at the gates of 100 million euros.

Adidas, the great winner

But, After the final whistle – whatever the result – the great winner will be Adidas. The sportswear company dresses Real Madrid and Bayern.

His love relationship with the Spanish team extends from the year 2000 (precisely the year he won the eighth) and pays Chamartín entity up to 40 'kilos' per year . This contract, he still has two more seasons.

More lasting is the idyll shared by the German sports fashion firm and Bayern Munich. In fact, the club knows no other brand than Adidas. Since 1974, the Bavarians have stamped the logo of the three bars. At present, they have a signed contract of 3 5 million per season.




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