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Ronaldo is no longer the one who dribbled between Compostela nor the one who dribbled at the Italians in Inter as if they were cadets, not even that last one Real Madrid, which in a few meters reached the area to place the ball in the squad. Time has passed and he has not been the same again. However, its brightness remains. And he knows it. That's why he's going to try to be president. From where? From Valladolid . Apparently, the Brazilian striker, according to the Brazilian newspaper O Globo, would be willing to buy the club for about 30 million euros.

If the purchase is made, Ronaldo would return to the world of football for the first time since he retired. When hanging the boots, he did not want to be a coach or offer himself to a club to develop some administrative work. No, his routine in these years has not been linked to football. But now, it looks like he could go back to sit in the box. And why the Valladolid ? Due to its closeness to Madrid a city it loves, and because it is a historic Spanish First Division.

That, however, is what the Brazilian newspaper publishes O Globo Carlos Suarez current president of the entity, however, denies any negotiation or offer by the Brazilian soccer player. In fact, according to the newspaper MARCA he would have learned of the possible interest of Ronaldo through the press. Although, yes, the current president of Valladolid does not deceive anyone either: if the Brazilian offered that amount, the club would not oppose his purchase.

The interest of Ronaldo he could also come by his link with the vice president of Valladolid, José Moro, with whom he shares business in the winery Cepa 21. But, at the moment, it seems that nothing has materialized. 'O Fenomeno' continues to maintain its brightness. If you buy the Valladolid you will have to aspire to keep it.




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