<pre>Salah, his double and his possible 'signing' for Madrid

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Mohamed Salah is already in the final of the Champions League . Will play against Madrid and, who knows, the same also with them from next season. He or maybe his clone is the one that 'fiche' – care! – because the Egyptian has a double. And no, it does not have a fast food store, but it has already become famous. His beard, hair and eyes are the same. Obviously, the touch is not the same, but it does not matter. Ahmed Bahaa enjoys posing as the attacker of Liverpool with whom he met a couple of years ago. “He told me that he thought he was in front of the mirror,” he acknowledged, in statements to Atlas .

Salah, Liverpool player, meets his double

“However, he is the one who looks like me”, jokes now that Salah has become fashionable, that he is the player that everyone signs, that he has become a star of a world order. And Ahmed Bahaa takes advantage of his pull. This Egyptian resident in the Cairo no longer misses a match of Mohammed with the Liverpool . Go to the premises where the matches are broadcast and photographs are taken. It has become one of the attractions of your neighborhood. Everyone wants a snapshot with him. Absolutely everyone. Because yes, it's not the real one, but it looks like this …

“I meet people I do not know and they welcome me with open arms as if we were friends or cousins. This is how people see Salah as one or of them “. And for him it is an honor to look like the one who can become the best Egyptian player in history. Who knows if the next Golden Ball. That will be elucidated in the final of the Champions . Then, against Madrid and in Kiev it will be the star again. Or maybe not. The fame of his 'clone' depends on it.




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