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On [January192016] Real Madrid dismisses Rafa Benítez and instead trusts Zinedine Zidane . The same Frenchman who had given him the ninth in Glasgow with that unforgettable left volley against Bayer Leverkusen .

His first midfield clearly revealed his intention to play: Luka Modric, Toni Kroos and Isco (also used James Rodríguez). A triangle that privileged the game and the elaboration to enable the BBC (Bale, Benzema and Cristiano).

However, the first defeat of its cycle came, on February 27 of that year, from local to the derby against Atlético de Madrid . A result for “Zizou” to get a hand: inside Casemiro as the central axis in the middle and outside Isco or James. With that, Modric and Kroos were flanking the Brazilian.

It was the first sign: to give more support to the central (at that time, Pepe and Sergio Ramos) and to cover the backs of the sides (Carvajal and Marcelo). Above everything was kept as it is.

And the first Champions League of its cycle fell. On penalties and against Atlético de Madrid in Milan.

The structure was maintained the following year and again won the highest club trophy in Europe: now the victim was Juventus.

Although he already showed another change: the BBC disarmed and instead of a Bale with many physical problems, Isco appeared more frequently (he had his starting point as an extreme, but he got in like a hook).

La European Supercup and two Club World Cups rose to the sky of French, but suddenly everything got cloudy.

The fall 3-0 against Barcelona on the eve of last Christmas, added to the elimination of the Copa del Rey against Leganés in the “Bernabéu” were a strong shock. “I am responsible for the failure”, said the Marseillais in his usual calm tone.

While Barcelona was escaping in the League, the names to succeed him began to appear: Joachim Low (after Russia), Mauricio Pochettino, Jürgen Klopp and up to Guti.

But Zizou held on to the Champions League, where he overcame the group stage as Tottenham's escort.

Then, “Zizou” filed football champagne from its beginnings to remember the Italian style of its passage through Juventus.

The BBC began to lose the second B. If Bale was already an alternative, Benzema's streak forced another rethink, because the Frenchman has just scored 11 goals in the season, at its worst mark since 2009-10. That's why he took him out in Munich and placed Cristiano in a position that this moment of his Portuguese career accommodates him: more for the center of the attack than for the outside.

Now he's a fixed 4-4-2, with two ruffles central players who play near Varane and Ramos (in Madrid were Kovacic and Kroos), and two on the outside that have to cover the sides. And in this semi-final against Bayern Munich he played the rival's mistake and as the Bavarians gave away two goals (one in each match), the task turned out (not counting Marcelo's hand that could have changed the story).

It took 843 days since Zidane's debut at the Real Madrid bank. Many cups, three Champions League finals followed and, especially, a transformation in the DT that adapted his style according to the moments of his players and the need to survive. Of him and his team




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