La polémica frase de Sergio Ramos en el festejo de Real Madrid

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Sergio Ramos captain of Real Madrid, affirmed this Sunday, during his visit to the headquarters of the community of Madrid, that his club, after winning his third Consecutive League of Champions, is doing ” abnormal normal. “

Ramos, from the balcony of the Community headquarters, and with the Champions League cup, addressed the thousands of white club fans present at Puerta del Sol .. [19659003] Later, Ramos called on his fans to get more titles: “ You have to think about the fourteenth and that's what this club forces us to do ” and later, he launched a controversial phrase dedicated to Atlético de Madrid, rival of the city.

“We are going to sing a song, that there are times that some people forget: Players, players, we have come to win, that all the Indians know, who wins in the capital” .



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