<pre>The European Supercup, the desired final and the perfect rematch for Atlético

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“I do not know if he's happy that the opponent of the final is not Madrid ? Well, they do not play the competition, “replied Simeone. The question, perhaps, did not come much to mind. It may even be that it was not successful. Not even recommended. Why to mention the eternal rival, to what extent. But a journalist wanted to do it – and it was his right. And, we already say, although it does not enter into the right thing, the question leaves a record: the Atlético also has those of Chamartín in the head. They know that they are in the final of the Europa League and that they will play against Olympique de Marseille. And they are also aware that the team of Zidane will be looking for their third Champions in Kiev against Liverpool. And what does this mean? That if both win, they will be seen in the Supercopa continental at the beginning of next season.

“I would love it”, acknowledged Enrique Cerezo president of the mattress, in the preview. And why not. The Atlético if the carom is produced, would have the opportunity to start the course that comes with a rematch against the eternal rival. Maybe something less than in previous crashes, but a rematch after all those two finals lost in the Champions League : the first by the goal of Sergio Ramos in the minute 93 and the second one by penalties.

Enrique Cerezo: “I would love a Real Madrid Supercup – Atlético”

The presence of Atlético in the final of the European Supercup would mean two things. The first, which has won the Europa League . And the second, it starts well the one that has to be its season in capital letters in the best way. Because the coming course is the last of Simeone as coach at rojiblanco and the final of the Champions is disputed in the Wanda Metropolitano . That is to say, the year gathers all the conditioning factors to be historical and to be dyed red and white.

Before, he will have to face off against Olympique de Marseille in Lyon . There the French team waits for him, who qualified in the second half of the overtime against Sazlburgo after losing. Finally, 2-1 and the pass to the final. There, the Atlético starts as favorite. This was confessed Wenger at a press conference after his team lost at Wanda Metropolitano (1-0) with a goal from Diego Costa . ]

But for the Super Cup to be the one expected, the Real Madrid also has to do his homework. Or what is the same: after suffering against Juventus and against Bayern Munich -and without mentioning the referees-, the team of Zidane needs pass over Liverpool in the final. But it will not be easy: the 'reds', although weak in defense, arrive as the top scorer team of the Champions League and with Salah in a state of grace.

Precisely, the Egyptian, one of the candidates to sign for the Madrid could be in that Supercopa dressed in white. We will see. In any case, the possibility exists. The capital of Spain, again, has the possibility of becoming the world capital of football. And, at this point, no one would be surprised. The colchoneros glimpse the revenge … The whites, however, glimpse the possibility of being able to return to give a stab to the eternal rival. But first there are two endings. “And you have to go match by match.” Word of Simeone . Pure logic.




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