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Gareth Bale became the object of desire of practically all the greats of Europe after his incredible performance (and a great goal by Chilena) in the final of the Champions League that he conquered Real Madrid against Liverpool . For the same reason, e the box “merengue” already set a price for the striker and revealed it to one of the main stakeholders, Manchester United.

As reported by the English media Daily Star the Madrid side asked 200 million pounds to the “red devils” for the Welsh star, gigantic figure that exceeds the amount Paris Saint-Germain paid to Barcelona for Neymar (198 million British currency).

In addition to this huge amount, the team of Alexis Sanchez also has another difficulty: Bale's salary, the fourth highest in Europe, after Neymar, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo

The Welshman currently earns 650,000 pounds per week (33.8 million per year), a much higher amount than Alexis, the highest paid of the United staff , with 500 thousand pounds every seven days.

Despite ue Manchester United is the richest club in the world, that amount is not within the budget, so Bale, if you decide to be a “red devil” next season, “should lower your salary expectations,” concludes the aforementioned media. 19659004]




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