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Zinedine Zidane (45 years old) celebrated this weekend the third consecutive victory of Real Madrid in the Champions League, and five days later he announced his farewell to the white club. But what will he do now? What he will surely do is spend more time with his wife and children, whom he presumes whenever he has the chance. They are the most intimate part of his life, but his most unknown facet covers much more.

After the surprising goodbye of the French coach, JALEOS has proposed to know him better and has investigated in the most unknown corners of the man who has managed to do history in Spanish football.

1. Judo green belt

Sport was always something innate in Zizou. When he barely knew how to walk he became interested in badminton and at six he started practicing judo. At an early age he managed to become a green belt of Japanese sports and his interest in physical exercise continued to accumulate disciplines until he reached football.

2. Twenty-five years of love with his wife

Véronique and Zinedine lived a real crush in 1989. She is French but of Almerian parents, and at the time she met Na Zizou was 19 years old and was a majorette who studied first of Biology. He was 17 years old and played in a team in Cannes. He introduced them to a friend of hers in a nightclub at the hotel in Paris, where he was staying. And they never separated again. Véronique achieved a place at a prestigious dance school in Cannes, but had to abandon her dream to follow in her husband's footsteps. They were married in 1993.

Zidane and Veronique have been together for a quarter of a century.

3. His four children play at Real Madrid

Enzo (21), Luca (18), Théo (14) and Elyaz (11 ) Have inherited the gift with their father's ball. All of them have talent for soccer and they show it dressed in white, in the same club where Zidane has spent 13 years of his life. His father goes to most of his parties or boasts of them in the field with photographs on his social networks.

 The last New Year's Eve, the whole family together.

The last New Year's Eve, the whole family together.

4. Mansions, a yacht and a private jet

The Zidane family has lived for more than a decade in their Madrid mansion of 5 million euros, they have another case in Almeria and another in Ibiza. He also does not lack a yacht in which to spend the summer and enjoy the sea, as well as a private plane to travel for work or pleasure with the family.

 Zidane, in the private jet.

Zidane, in the jet private.

5. Your little almerian refuge

To get away from the madding crowd of the capital, the clan usually set course for a small hamlet in Almería called El Chive, where the family of his wife, Veronique, originates. There he has 'El Chorrico', a mansion that he rehabilitated to build a large mansion that stands out among the rest of humble houses in the town. The six of them move there when summer arrives and where they can live like the rest of mortals in their day to day.

 Aerial view of the house of Zidane in El Chive.

Aerial view of the house of Zidane in The Chive.

6. Three decades in tracksuit

Since 1989 he joined the A.S. Cannes Football until this Thursday, May 31, 2018, Zinedine's life has been based on sports shoes, balls and grass. He dressed in tracksuit obviously when he was a player and then to direct the training in his new stage, although his elegance Gallic forced him to wear suit for special games; watched from the bench but with American.

 A very young Zidane in his early days in football.

A very young Zidane in his early days in football.

7. David Beckham, his great friend

met him when they both met in the locker room of Real Madrid, because they signed at once, and became inseparable. There are many times that Zizou remembers his great friend publishing images on social networks, congratulating him on special dates or achievements of English or simply to remember his best moments together. In addition, they are often seen very often to maintain contact.

 Zidane and David Beckham are seen very often.

Zidane and David Beckham are seen very often.

8. Lover of the sea

Zidane does not conceive a rest break without salt water being part of his plan. As soon as the good weather appears, the French disembark his yacht and go sailing, both alone and accompanied by his family. And on those routes there is never a lack of long sessions of swimming or diving.

 Last summer enjoying the sea.

Last summer enjoying the sea.


9. He retired in 2006

His last son was born that year and decided it was time to say goodbye and focus on seeing his children grow up and stay with his wife. He got it for three years, but the truce ended when Florentino Perez offered to be an adviser to Real Madrid and later became, in August 2014, the coach of the team.

10. Practice the Muslim religion

Zidane is of Algerian descent and is a practitioner of Muslim dogma, something that was very present in his childhood and in his years in France. The reality of other cultures is also something that interests him a lot and that is why he travels to exotic places and enters with his people, just as he and his children have been able to adapt perfectly to Spanish life.



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