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I have friends (many) who would go to bed this night with Zidane -and they would never do it with you or with me-. “Also, in person, he wins”, said one of them, the other day, without knowing how to specify the reason for the conversation. “What was missing!”, Wielded, at my side, a culé. What envy (healthy). Coach of Madrid, with magnet, flower, nice, nice and elegant. And, above, he smiles -and a lot-. Even win! What is missing He can not even be credited with that old label of technical malice – the change of Isco by Asensio in Munich bless him as a strategist – and last Sunday, after the heat of the Classic – and a presumably partial arbitration by the referee – he waits five minutes in the dressing room to Iniesta to say goodbye, give him a hug and wish him luck. Tell me-without their colors blinding them-would you not invite them to your house for dinner? Would not they give him his team's bench tomorrow?

It's complicated – and says one who is not suspicious of the taste for white (I only profess the blue of Puertollano) -, find types like Zidane. In an increasingly polarized world, where the cry oppresses reasoning – if you have any doubt, put on television – the whisper of the Frenchman at a press conference is a blessing. Bargains controversy, wields a smile and seems to wink the eye as Clint Eastwood did in the western. But with the style the enemy is not conquered. With the hug to Iniesta, on the other hand, yes. That gesture – and the 'valors' it implies – put anyone at his feet, even the eternal rival.

Zidane, in fact, is the perfect coach for Barcelona. It will never be, but it would fit like a glove. The culé could come to admire it. In fact, in recent times, he communes with one that resembles him. Valverde compiles many of the values ​​of French in his character (correctness, tranquility, balls out in the controversies …), but does not possess the pomp of Zinedine. That volley in Glasgow, that magnet for the Champions … That has not had any coach who has gone through the Camp Nou in recent times. The only one who could rival the Madrid coach in influence would be Johann Cruyff. Nobody else.

And Guardiola? He had the opportunity to be. What's more, it's on time. Pep, possibly, gathers the 'valors', the manners and gestures, but he is not the coach of all the Catalans. Let me explain: the Manchester City manager today, with his entry into politics – and his unconditional support for the independence movement – has lost the favor of some of the Catalans from the rest of Spain. The conception of the whole azulgrana like something universal does not contemplate that political affiliation. Zidane eludes and circumscribes its role to the purely sporting -as it should be-. Because, although Barcelona is more than a club, it is also from the people of La Mancha, from Extremadura … – not from those who want to use it as a political weapon –

Anyway, I hope more technical (types) like Zidane




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