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When the calendar of this League was announced in July of 2017, everyone looked at May 6 as the key date for the tournament. On day 36 there was a Barcelona – Real Madrid dream of every organizer. A Classic in the penultimate day of the League where the tournament could be decided. Very far from the reality that was lived after.

In 2008 Real Madrid won the League in the 35th round, with an agonizing and exciting victory in El Sadar of Pamplona. That gave him that in the next match, three days later, he was made the corridor . The calendar wanted it to be Barcelona which did it and, in addition, took a humiliating 4-1 with which a cycle was finished A decade later the situation has been traced backwards. Barça was the champion in the 35th round with his victory in La Coruña and the next match is a Classic. No emotion, because everything is already decided. And without a corridor

In the preview of the Spanish football great game l (20:45 hours), Zidane reaffirmed that he will not make a hall in the Camp Nou. “ We do not do it because they did not do it. If they had made the corridor after winning the Club World Cup, I would not break anything that was before, but we're not going to do something they did not do either.” commented the Real Madrid coach this time. The explanation was clear.

Zidane explains why they will not make corridor to Barcelona

In addition, and so that nobody doubts the manor of the technician of Real Madrid, he praised several times the League of Barcelona and did not put a single excuse, on the contrary, he explained that win the Liga “ is the most difficult, complicated and beautiful” . And those words of respect must be more valuable than a hall that the culés now ask for while they did not. And, unlike Zidane, there is no reminder to any Barça player with public office praise the numerous white titles.

This Classic is so loose, not by level but by absence of emotion, that during the week has hardly been talked about it. The debate has gone down the aisle or by Iniesta who is asked to make him the hall in the form of a tribute to being this the last Barcelona – Real Madrid. The idea, as illogical as it is deceptive (has a double intention that has nothing to do with respect), Zidane simplified it in one sentence: “The detail that we will have with a player that we admire and that is not any player for what he has In fact, it will be to greet him, congratulate him and wish him luck for his future . “

Futbolically the Classic, like all the remaining games of the League, has nothing at stake. Everything is decided. The club will be champion and Madrid will not win the tournament, with doubt, insignificant, being second, third or fourth. The recent semifinals of the Champions also mark this light version of Classic. The views have been in the European Cup for days. Both teams is not that they arrive with much desire to the party.

Andrés Iniesta, in one of the Classics of recent years. This Sunday's will be the last for him.

One of the questions that fly over is one of the keys to this meeting. What will happen if Real Madrid wins? In the first game at the Camp Nou after winning Cup and League, how would Barcelona celebrate the double when your maximum rival has just reached the final of the Champions and you have won in your stadium? The sporting slump would be impossible to hide. This is football.

To win and continue his unbeaten streak at the Camp Nou (three games, two wins and a draw), Zidane goes with everything . There will be other games (there are Sevilla, Celta de Vigo and Villarreal) to draw less frequent players and dose. “We are going to play as usual, to try to do our best to win with the players that are going to play, I do not think of injuries, the only thing is that the player who is not 100% is not going to play, but the others are going to play yes or yes, “explained Zizou .

 Zidane, in the last training of Real Madrid.

Zidane, in the last training of Real Madrid.


At Barça, same. It's not that they have to rotate, because they do not have more competitions. The only dangerous thing, the injuries that there may be for the World Cup . Eleven gala by Ernesto Valverde, with the almost certain ownership of Coutinho, at its premiere at the Clásico. Dembélé, the signing of the 150 million euros, does not convince the Extremaduran technician.

Thus, without having given time to 'warm up' the Classic Barcelona and Madrid are reunited with the memory of 0 -3 on the way and looking to the future. The azulgrana, praying that Liverpool beat the targets in Kiev. Those of Zidane, with that opportunity to bury the double if they win the Champions … and this Sunday at the Camp Nou




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