Benzema was the hero of the night.

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The succession of late Champions played by Real Madrid in the last five years (only interrupted in 2015) has brought with it in antimadridismo a current of pain that defines a convex rising curve, ie, more than proportional increase with the passage of time. Thus, the access by Madrid to the Final of the Twelfth registered an increase in pain greater than the difference in suffering recorded between access to the Tenth and access to the Eleventh, but lower than the increase in pain observed since Tuesday night . It is a curve whose second derivative is positive. It not only grows, but grows rapidly.

The Thirteenth, yes, may hurt more than the Twelfth but less than the Fourteenth, in line with this exponential rise of the Stations of the Cross. This time, in addition, the reality has given flesh to the story with a historical blunder of a German goalkeeper who pays the thesis of the flower, without of course paying attention to the fortunate rebounds that give rise to both goals of Bayern, and the arbitration error consisting of missing a hand in the Marcelo area resurrects Guruceta to the relief of Obrevo and Aytekin, afraid that the focus will fall on them that never really pointed them out enough.

But there is another story, more subterranean and mythical, that connects with the true nature of Madrid. Madrid and its unlikely heroes. It's Anelka (Anelka!) Finishing off a cross from Savio Bortolini with the right (with the right!). It is McManaman (McManaman!) Descerrajando the most heterodox scissors in the world to beat Cañizares. Son Reyes and Diarra (Reyes and Diarra!) Going back to Mallorca to win an unlikely League and then be traded and swell the unemployment, respectively.

Benzema was the hero of the night.



The unlikely heroes of Tuesday, forever and ever, are an evicted forward in the media and on the part of the fans, along with a goalkeeper whose rude error, in the previous round, almost It defeats the hopes of your team. Madrid has this pact with the unexpected, this alchemy that only works in terms of unpredictability.

Karim crowned with an accurate header a play with 28 passes that would not stop praising the media if the bench had been another bald, and then took advantage of the garrafal error of the rival goalkeeper with alacrity. As the topic says, you have to be there. They could make a penalty and exempted exemplarily receiving from behind, tireless, lively, threatening. It was colossal.

And what to say about Keylor. It weighs on him a sentence according to which Madrid has to have the best in each position. Assuming that he was not one of the best, which would be a lot to suppose, one could only conclude then that Madrid needs to have the best and Keylor. The final of Kiev is more his than any other player, and this to blush of those who for years have attacked him with the argument more or less overlapped that a Costa Rican can not be the goalkeeper of Real Madrid. I said when it arrived that it would be a myth and they laughed at me. I do not usually get breast, but I will always be willing to do it against those who touch xenophobia.

Then there are, of course, the probable heroes, but Modric and Sergio are already experts in making Madrid win “of office”, as brilliantly has synthesized a frustrated Barça lawyer. Madrid, in short, is in Kiev, and the curve of pain does not give the slightest sign of decrease or concavity.

 Keylor Navas was decisive with his stops.

Keylor Navas was decisive with his stops.






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